Pop-Over To Boost Your Opt-In Rate

Creating pop-overs with the survey and forms tool

With SEO becoming more and more time consuming, paid advertising more expensive and price-driven shopping at its peak, wouldn’t it be great if after all that work to drive visitors to your site you could at least capture their email address for future communication? As a successful email marketer you will know that growing your subscriber list is the number one task your website needs to achieve for you – but is your general newsletter subscriber box just not doing enough for you? Today we are launching a new feature in the dotMailer surveys and forms tool which will revolutionise the way you capture data and the quantity you collect: the facility to turn your form into a pop-over to appear on your website just like this!

Example of a pop-over

As the dotMailer development team have made this so easy for you to get started, you’d be mad not to give it a go and see what results you can achieve. To get underway, create a form as normal and at the final stage, where you get to share your form, choose the new pop-over method. You’ll get given a small line of code to pop in the pages on your site where you want it to appear.

But aren’t those pop-over things really annoying?

Not everybody enjoys pop-overs on sites and, yes, it will obviously interrupt your visitors’ activity. But the key here is to provide them with relevant and valuable content for their current visit. This could either be the promise of a free whitepaper, a voucher code for free delivery or 10% off their next order. All of these will encourage your visitors to complete your form and provide you with that all important email address. This is also a great time to capture some additional data which will make your future communication with this visitor more relevant – but don’t ask for too much as it will discourage people from filling it out. So decide: how important is knowing a visitor’s gender? What about their date of birth? Whatever your priorities are, creating the right form is easy and with all this useful data mapping back to your dotMailer account your possibilities are endless – from auto responders on sign up and segmentation on key customer data to dynamic content in your emails based on what your customers have told you.

Done right, we’re getting reports from the blogosphere that pop-overs can increase subscriber rates by 200% – 400%. It’s time you take your email marketing to the next level – and when you do, we’d love to hear about your results.

A bit of detail

You get to choose the pages you paste the embed code on, so if you don’t paste it on a page it won’t display. If you choose the option to redirect a visitor on form completion, they will be redirected to that page rather than stuck in the pop-over. Once a user has completed the form, it cookies them and wont present them with the pop-over again. We also use cookies to stop showing the pop-over to visitors who have dismissed it at least three times.

And the price?

The pop over functionality is in dotMailer now, so start your free trial of the survey and forms tool today if you haven’t already. Get your pop-over on your site, monitor the results and if you like what you see, add it to your dotMailer account for only £50 a month.

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