Please prepare for landing: an illustrated guide to our new landing page tool

Coming up in dotmailer 15three is an entirely new way to build landing pages

You heard right. The next release of dotmailer will include a landing page builder. And yes, it will include the most asked for feature when it comes to building pages: EasyEditor.

As my colleague Dani recently covered how to make a landing page successful, I’m instead going to show off a few of the most exciting features of the upcoming tool.

I say ‘easy’, you say ‘editor’

1_ee - Copy


I’ve been working with the team on this for six months, so frankly I’m more than a little biased. But, EasyEditor makes such a huge difference to creating a page. It’s easy, it’s quick… it’s just nice.

If you’ve ever used EasyEditor to knock up an email campaign, you’ll be right at home.

And if you haven’t, then I think you’ll feel at home pretty quickly too (it’s entirely drag and drop, so the learning curve is pretty gentle).

But it’s not exactly the same EasyEditor as you use for building emails. The web is a lot more flexible, and you can be more creative – and a lot of the features below show how we’ve extended the tool you may already know.

T-minus 3 seconds

2_countdown - Copy


Running a competition that ends soon? Launching a new product on a certain day? Drive urgency by including a countdown timer. Simply supply an end date (and time if you wish), and we’ll supply a timer that ticks down to zero.

What’s more, you can redirect to another landing page once the countdown ends (perfect for taking users to the details of the product that’s just launched, for example).

 The internet killed the video star

3_video - Copy


Ever created a video to get your brand message across? Of course you have.

Ever messed around in HTML trying to figure out the right place to add an embed code? You’ve probably done that too.

In the landing page tool, you just have to drop the video block onto your page, and add the code from YouTube or Vimeo.

 Fonts galore (sans Comic Sans)

4_font - Copy


Everybody, it seems, loves a good font.

But when you’re building an email, you have to be careful: email clients have a habit of not playing nicely with your Porcupine Pickle.

That’s why the web was invented: so we could all use nice fonts. And the landing page tool, not wanting to be left behind, allows you to pick from a selection (curated by our designers) of great Google Fonts, alongside the familiar websafe choices.

What’s more – should you want to use a Google Font we’ve not included – you can just add one to the HTML. The tool will see it, and add it to the font dropdown ready for you to use.

 Fill me in, Scotty



A landing page without a form is like a bike with only one gear: it works, but it’s not going to get you very far. (And if that’s not a saying, it should be.)

But guess what? dotmailer has it’s own surveys and forms tool.

And all those surveys you’ve already created will be available, like magic, to add to a landing page. There’s no setting up to do, or diving into HTML to add an embed code. Just a drag and a drop.

You can also, of course, create a new survey on the fly when creating a page – and that will live with all your other surveys too.

Your images, everywhere



As I’m writing this, I’m waiting on a video to finish uploading to Vimeo. It failed once – on 82% – so I’m having to do it again.

The point is, it’s frustrating having to upload things twice.

Which is why we’ve made sure all the logos and brand images you’ve already uploaded to dotmailer will be available in the landing page tool (and vice versa, too.)

Your brand, your page, your domain



Never got round to purchasing a custom domain in dotmailer? Not a problem – you can host all your pages on

But if you do have a custom domain, then it will automatically be available for you to host your pages on – it’s the easy way to get your landing page URLs matching your custom from addresses. No set-up, no fuss.

There’s personal, and then there’s advanced personal



Am I saving the best till last? Perhaps. Because uniquely, the landing page tool will let you personalise on the data you already hold on contacts in dotmailer.

Include someone’s first name, their subscription preferences… anything you hold in a contact data field.

But you can do more than that. Also coming in 15three is a revolution in how dotmailer can personalise; it’s called Advanced Personalisation, and it will allow you to use all your Insight data in email campaigns and landing pages.

You won’t just be limited to displaying your Insight data on screen, though. You’ll be able to make decisions based upon it, and loop through your collections.

The possibilities this opens up are genuinely huge. Loop through and display a contact’s previous purchases, requesting a review for each. Show different content to a contact pre- and post- an event they attended (even when your contacts are attending the event on different days). Display the soon-to-end warranties of the purchased products… we could write a whole series of blogs on this (and we will). But getting smart with your automation has never been so easy.

Not now, but almost

dotmailer 15three is coming on Wednesday 5 August, so you don’t have long to wait. We’ll let you know when it’s available. (That countdown in the previous link, by the way, was created with the upcoming landing page tool.)

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