Part 2: 2015 resolutions for successful email marketing

We gave you the first 5 of our 10 email marketing New Year’s resolutions in the first part of our blog. So while your New Year resolve is still fresh, here are resolutions 6-10. They’re guaranteed to help increase your email marketing ROI in 2015.

6. I will segment and target my customers based on their email engagement

Make 2015 the year you laser-target your best customers and prospects, based on the emails they have opened, the specific links they have clicked, and the level of email engagement they have shown.

Targeting and personalization based on email recipient behavior will drive up your response metrics and conversion rates.

How dotmailer helps

With dotmailer’s drag & drop data segment builder you can build sophisticated customer segments in seconds, based on your customers’ profile, email engagement, purchase behavior and even web behavior.


7. I will add an automatic feed of my email newsletters to my website

If you’re doing your email newsletters right then they contain a lot of content that you could make more of. By adding a permanent link to your website, your newsletters and value-add content are easily accessible to visitors.

How dotmailer helps

dotmailer lets you create an automatic feed of your email content to your website.

8. I will integrate my customer loyalty with my email marketing

Here’s a New Year’s resolution for marketers in online retail.  Make this the year that you drive more revenue from customer loyalty, by introducing and integrating an online customer loyalty program with your email marketing.

Loyalty programs can help build advocacy and retention and most importantly, increase purchase frequency and customer lifetime value. When you integrate customer loyalty points data with your email messaging the results can be even more dramatic.

How dotmailer helps

dotmailer for Magento integrates with Sweet Tooth, a leading Magento loyalty program extension. It enables you to sync key loyalty data – such as points balance – to dotmailer’s campaign design and segmentation tools so you can design, personalize and target nurturing emails based on loyalty.


9. I will target my customers based on their website behavior

It’s time to start tailoring and automating your email marketing messages around your customers’ web behavior: the pages they’ve visited, the products they’ve viewed and the decisions they’ve made.

How dotmailer helps

dotmailer’s WebInsight tool lets you segment, personalize and automate your email messages based on an individual’s activity on your website. You can send automated product recommendations based on products viewed, abandoned cart and form emails to re-engage lost customers, and include web behavior data in segments based on other customer behavior and profile variables.

10. I will get creative with my email marketing calendar

This is the year to schedule your email marketing campaigns and activities around important dates throughout the year. The key calendar days or periods provide perfect opportunities to get really creative with your email marketing and add context to your campaigns. Here’s a selection that we recommend planning ahead for;

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Easter
  • April Fools’ Day
  • Mothering Sunday
  • Father’s Day
  • Independence Day
  • Halloween
  • Black Friday
  • Thanksgiving
  • Cyber Monday
  • The holidays

How dotmailer helps

If lack of time and resource is stopping you from getting as creative with your email marketing as you’d like, our Creative Services team can help. Our in-house studio can build top quality email creative using your brand assets.

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