Part 1: 2015 resolutions for successful email marketing

Welcome to 2015! It’s a shiny new year. Clean, bright and full of potential. Now is our chance to make changes, make plans and make it all good. Oh yes... it’s resolution time.

Resolved to get back in the gym? Determined to make this month a ‘dry January’? Steadfast in your intention to stop with the ‘Krispy Kremes’ every day?  I’m there with you. Together we can do it.

But first, there are some different resolutions to be made. Ones that will make 2015 your most successful year ever for email marketing.

Each of these resolutions is pretty much guaranteed to deliver better response rates, more sales and more success. And the best thing is, they require no willpower whatsoever – they’re all keepers.

Here’s the first 5 New Year’s resolutions for your 2015 email marketing

1. I will make my email marketing templates mobile responsive

Overall mobile accounted for 35% of online traffic in Q4 2013. A continuation of this trend will make mobile accountable for 63% of traffic over the 2014 holiday sales period, (watch this space)!

Now is the time to make sure your email templates are mobile responsive. Your content should scale and adapt to fit the smaller screen areas of a smart phone or tablet, and deliver a mobile-user optimized experience.

How dotmailer helps

Our responsive design feature means your emails are optimized for whatever device they may appear on. The campaign preview allows you to assess the layout and effectiveness of your email on desktop, tablet and mobile prior to sending your campaign.

2. I will get switched on to email marketing automation

Email marketing automation comes in different shapes and sizes. From a basic automated post-signup welcome programme, through to life cycle nurturing and abandoned cart re-engagement.

Each of these approaches will empower you to deliver increased engagement. Make it your resolution for 2015 to take your email marketing further down the automation road, step by step.

You can learn more about planning for marketing automation with our Marketing Automation whitepaper.

How dotmailer helps

dotmailer’s drag & drop automation program builder makes it fast and easy to build triggered email programs based on customer profiles, purchase behavior, email and website engagement, and date-driven events. Catch our Marketing Automation webinar to see our program builder in action.



3. I will start using Twitter Lead Generation cards

Converting your Twitter audience into email subscribers is easy with Lead Generation cards.

They work by providing a sign-up option for users on your profile. Once submitted, the cards record the user’s contact details. If you have an active Twitter presence and you’re not using Lead Gen Cards then start list building by getting your Twitter account set up for ads.

How dotmailer helps

It’s straightforward to set up your Lead Generation Cards so that the contact data captured from Twitter is fed automatically into dotmailer. See Michael Duxbury’s blog to find out more about linking dotmailer with Twitter Lead Gen Cards.



4. I will survey my customers

Make 2015 the year you connect your marketing with what your customers really want, think, feel and do. The easiest way to do this is to start using online customer surveys.

Online surveys turn your customer engagement into a 2-way conversation, making customers feel valued, while helping to build and enrich both your marketing database and your customer insight.

How dotmailer helps

dotmailer includes a fully integrated Surveys and Forms tool that automatically updates your dotmailer lists and segments with data captured. The feature includes a unique one-click survey design feature, meaning your surveys can be completely in keeping with your brand style.

5. I will make sure you my emails are CASL compliant

This is a resolution for anyone who sends marketing emails into Canada. But it’s also resolution for all email marketers to implement Unsusbscribe best practice. The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation came into force last July, so if you market into Canada then now is the time to double-check your data collection and email marketing is fully compliant. We recommend familiarizing yourself with the new rules.

How dotmailer helps

dotmailer’s unsubscribe reporting includes a ‘last subscribed’ date to enable you to comply with consent life cycle regulations. Learn more about dotmailer CASL compliance features.

Read the second part of this post for the other 5 New Year’s resolutions. Part 2 is live on Friday 9th January.

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