Our API gets dotdigital linked to your back office systems

By Cliff Guy

API stands for ‘application programming interface’. Put simply, it enables you to share data and information between dotdigital Engagement Cloud and for example your CRM system, your marketing database, or your website.

Using dotdigital Engagement Cloud’s API is a straightforward process for your IT team (or even just your IT person). With our API your IT people can automate previously laborious processes and take the pain and potential for inaccuracy out of manually updating your backend database.

For example, the API can be used to automatically update unsubscribes from your dotdigital Engagement Cloud address books into your backend marketing database, and to update dotdigital Engagement Cloud with ‘do not contact’ records generated from your direct mail returns or other direct marketing you undertake.

How our clients are using the API to save valuable time and resource

We have so many examples of how dotdigital Engagement Cloud clients have used our API to make their processes smooth and efficient.

  • A major sports and health club using dotdigital Engagement Cloud took our API to integrate their membership database with dotdigital Engagement Cloud. Now, when new members join, the membership system tells dotdigital Engagement Cloud who they are, what sports they play and their level of membership. All the data their marketing team needs for sending targeted emails is populated in their address books – automatically.
  • A mobile phone company uses the dotdigital Engagement Cloud API to capture detailed information from visitors to their website, feed the data into dotdigital Engagement Cloud and send targeted triggered emails back to the website visitors – automatically.
  • A major software company feeds all their dotdigital Engagement Cloud reporting data back into their CRM system using our API – pumping their CRM with invaluable contact history and behavior data to help them sell better, both on and offline.

dotdigital Engagement Cloud and Salesforce

For Salesforce users, dotdigital Engagement Cloud enables one-click integration – no API coding necessary. You can even integrate dotdigital Engagement Cloud into your Salesforce users screens as several of clients have already done. Find out more about Salesforce integration here.

Give us a shout

We’d love to know how you’ve been using the dotdigital Engagement Cloud API to make your processes smoother and your email marketing more efficient. If you’d like to share with us and your fellow dotdigital Engagement Cloud users how you’ve put the API to work then drop us a line and we’ll give you slot of your own in our newsletter.

For more detailed information on applications for the dotdigital Engagement Cloud API call us on 020 8662 2762 to get your API switched on, and go to http://apiconnector.com/API.asmx

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