Online Gift Cards Ready For Christmas

We’ve all been stuck for what to give someone, whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, a special occasion, or just to say I Love You, or Thank You or needing a gift in the next 5 minutes. Which is why we’ve introduced to dotdigital Engagement Cloud Gift Cards so you can help your customers allow their recipients to choose what they really want from you.

The immediacy of Gift Cards means that your gift can be delivered to your recipient in seconds, landing directly into their inbox with a message from you. We’re not talking a plain text email either, an engaging multi-part email designed just like you want it to, will arrive on the day and time you want it to, including as soon as you’ve bought the gift card!

Forgotten an anniversary? No problem, they’ll never know! And they get to choose what they want from all the products on the site you chose the Gift Card from.

Stuck for something to choose for your loved one this Christmas? Well dotdigital Engagement Cloud clients Rodial and Want The are both using dotdigital Engagement Cloud’s Gift Card functionality to allow you to purchase Gift Cards on their site.

When you implement dotdigital Engagement Cloud’s Gift Card functionality on your site you can set email campaign reminders to the recipients of the Gift Card to remind them that they still have the Gift Card to spend. The Gift Card is a totally virtual gift offering the most flexibility for your customers. They can spend as much or as little as they like in any one purchase. Using dotdigital Engagement Cloud, you can also set emails as reminders to the gifter that their recipient still has money to spend.

Gift cards are a must for any store to capture the gift market. dotdigital Engagement Cloud allows you to create a virtual gift card offering which all your customers will love.

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