One simple hack for your awareness stage content

We often think of awareness stage content as web-based copy that supports your SEO. But any good marketer knows that your awareness content needs to be proactive too. The only way to achieve this is with an omnichannel messaging strategy.

What counts as awareness content?

At the awareness stage, your buyer is still sourcing information. They are seeking content that educates them. In order to stand out from a wealth of competitors, messaging strategies that serve them this information will come from brands that are sure to stick in the customer’s mind. Even if they are not yet ready to purchase, you are laying the foundation for a sale with brand awareness and subject authority.

What types of content does this include?

It’s all about value for the customer at this point. Your prospects are becoming more aware of their problems and the solutions to these problems with their own research. Providing valuable answers to them is the best way to win them over, not by giving them a hard pitch. Items that are useful for the customer in the awareness stage might include:

  • infographics
  • brochures and reports
  • blog posts
  • videos.

So where does messaging come into awareness stage content?

You’ve produced all this great content, but short of keyword optimisation and hoping customers find you on Google, you’re not doing much to get it out there. Here are some ways you can promote your awareness content using an omnichannel messaging strategy:

Alerts, reminders and notifications

Your awareness stage content might be the best around. You still need to let users know it’s up anywhere! Allow your users to opt-in to receiving alerts, reminders and notifications from you on the channel of their choice so you can do just that. This doesn’t have to mean more expense of sending either. Using a system such as Comapi’s Branch means that you send one message, and the customer will receive the communication once on their preferred channel, or an automated back-up if this fails.

Proactive web chat

A proactive web chat experience for customer would involve them browsing a web site and to be presented with a new message (either automated or from an agent) which hopefully correlates to their needs. For example, Anne is browsing a site looking for a loan. A new chat opens, asking her if she has questions about eligibility. Anne engages with the chat and expresses concerns about managing payments. The agent provides her with a piece of content that provides solutions for her problems, such as an informative video, or a short eBook.

Incentivised opt-ins

Your SEO has done the job to get a customer either to your site’s blog, or to a site where you are guest blogging. You offer some more value-rich content off the back of this blog, such as an infographic, or report, that you will deliver probably using email. But have you thought about offering users the chance to receive this content on another rich channel such as Facebook Messenger? Not only are you making the experience more tailored to your customer, you are also providing them awareness stage content on a channel they can easily converse with you on, should they need more information, or if they are super impressed and ready to purchase! Don’t make it hard for them to get more information or buy from you with a no-reply email address.

2-way ads

Turn every campaign you already have running on social media from a one-way ad to a 2-way interactive experience. Make your call-to-action on Twitter or Facebook a ‘Message Us’ button where users request your awareness stage content you have advertised. This way, you are delivering it in a channel that customers can talk to you in, breaking down barriers of formality.


Consider setting up a staggered masterclass series for your potential customers. This is where you drip-feed value-rich content that you are a subject-matter expert on. You can deliver this content on the channel that your customers prefer. Whether it is email, Messenger, RCS, Twitter DM or inside your app.

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