One Last Push: Program builder goes live!

After this week’s major deploy, you’d be forgiven that the product development team would be resting on their laurels. Not so! Not content with simply giving you a whole new dotmailer, our Program Builder jumps into general release and we’ve added yet another tool to make you into better agile marketers. Here’s Stoo with the lowdown.

Take even more control of your automated programs

Last release I talked about how you can grow and adapt your automation programs in response to what you learn from your campaign reports. Now you can take that editing one stage further and move contacts around your program manually.

Simply deactivate your program, and any contacts currently at a delay node can be moved to another point in the program, so the changes you make can take effect as soon as you reactivate the program.

drag contacts

We’re not stopping there

We’re not stopping there, and have a whole raft of plans for platform upgrades and supporting content to help you make effective automation programs. But with this change we’re now ready to launch the Program Builder into general release.

Automation programs are now available on every dotMailer account, with a cap on the number of allowed active programs depending on your account level. Chat to your account manager about upgrading to a higher cap, or about our packages for having a whole program built for you by our Creative Studio team.

Many thanks to all who’ve given feedback during the beta testing period. If you’ve got an example of some of the programs you’ve made I’d love you to share them with us. Over the last four months, we’ve released several blogs on the kind of automation programs you can build within dotmailer – check them out below:


Keep your eyes peeled for our daily dosage of lovely content to take your email marketing to the next level.