The omnichannel platform your developers will love

By now, you’re probably aware of how crucial it is to be able to communicate with customers on every channel.

As Eptica notes: “frustrated consumers will either move to competitors that offer more channels – or will switch to more expensive channels such as the phone or face-to-face, pushing up costs for organizations”.

Omnichannel experiences are not just important for the tech-savvy; by not offering them, you are either isolating the majority or the market or you are hurting your bottom line. But the question remains, with so many omnichannel messaging platform providers out there, which one is right for you?

The answer is simple: the one that can integrate seamlessly. The one that your developers will adore. And as anyone with a dev team knows, happy developers = quicker turnaround, lower costs, and larger profits. But an unhappy dev team? Let’s be honest, that’s a project that will likely never get off the ground, let alone finish. If the buck ends with you, you need your tech team on side.

The One API

Let us let you in on an industry secret: the dotdigital One API is a developer’s dream. “The concept of the single dotdigital API is, I believe, the most powerful thing,” David Thompson, developer at TPoint Solutions explains. “Having the ability to consume multiple channels of communication in a similar way without having to go through new documentation for each new channel is invaluable. Once we had Facebook Messenger in place, I was able to add in SMS in very quickly.”

Stickier solutions

Our APIs, therefore, won’t just be quick and easy to integrate into your operations. They’ll also stand the test of time. With over 16 years of experience of home-grown development, we recognized the importance of anticipating the fast-evolving wants and needs of the end consumer, plus the speed of integration of any adaptations to channels. It became clear that agile development was the way to go. When a channel such as Messenger or SMS makes an alteration to their service (and trust us, they frequently do), or when a market adopts a new channel like RCS or WhatsApp (and they do, quickly), agile development allows us to be ready to roll that out to you and your customers with ease and at speed. This offers businesses like yours the stickier solution that you’re looking for in a competitive omnichannel market.

A dream for developers

What’s more, the quality of our APIs and Webhooks provides perks. For example, your developers can specify custom body in their outgoing correspondence (making it instantly compatible with any new channel features such as carousel in Messenger), and also receive the breadth of information they require for reporting or customization of service. This saves potentially hundreds of hours becoming compatible with new features or fixing problems. Using dotdigital Engagement Cloud is essentially synonymous with uninterrupted services, for both businesses and end users, which is vital in a world that doesn’t stop talking, texting, or tweeting…

Fancy a quick demo? Discover the breadth of omnichannel here. 

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