Mastserclass twelve – Getting insight from your CPaaS – configuring webhooks the right way

Welcome to lesson twelve of our omnichannel masterclass. Webhooks are the events your developers set up in order to extract data from your customer interactions. It’s important these are accurate and also real-time, especially in a fast-moving world where your teams will be expected by your customers to have the most up-to-date information for the context of their communications. Your provider should be able to offer real-time data so that you can feed intelligence to multiple systems at once, such as CRMs, business intelligence tools and marketing automation systems. What’s more, it’s important to be able to choose exactly which events you want to subscribe to. After all, the last thing you want is to bloat any of these systems with information that you don’t need. They are there to make the lives of your teams easier, not more difficult with more data than they know what to do with to wade through, or a crucial piece that is fundamental to your business offering simply not available to extract.

What kind of webhooks can I have?

With the right provider, you should be able to choose anything, from information on your customers such as age, location, last active on app, Facebook Messnger ID or display name, to detailed delivery and read receipts that help you to understand the big picture of your outbound messaging.

  • Single integrations. Single set of webhooks massively reduces technical debt.
  • Robust security. A single set also reduces rework and makes your platform surface less vulnerable to hacking.

What can I do with that data?

By subscribing to as many or as few data pulls as you require, your CRM will not only be more powerful than ever, it will also be efficient, and as lean or robust as you require for your opportunities to reach their potential. You can also use data to send ultra-targeted, ultra-personalised messages with your marketing automation, increasing its effectiveness and granting you more leads than ever before, and understand more about your data, your customers, your competitors and your business by fuelling intelligence tools.

What else do I need to be aware of?

Make sure your provider offers you a single set of customisable webhooks that enables your teams to both scale the amount of data you need to pull, and also implement from one place. Without a single set of webhooks, you would need to do an implementation per channel, increasingly likelihood of breakage and rework. For omnichannel strategies, this is more relevant every day! With all of your webhooks in one place, you are reducing the amount of third-party companies you rely on to handle and store your data. In an increasingly security and data conscious world, minimising the amount of hands data travels through is not just a security advantage but a reassurance to your customers.

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