O2’s Email is Dead: Four things UK Email Marketers need to be doing right now

Tom Corbett, our Best Practice expert, reacts to the very understated news that trickled out last week of O2 finally shuttering its email service.

As of 10 March, UK Mobile Network provider O2 turned off the lights on their free email services. Always on the look-out for value-adds, providers often bundle in free email addresses – however, as O2 themselves noted, this service wasn’t used very much.
In fact, O2 have encouraged its customers to migrate to the ‘mainstream’ email clients like Gmail and Hotmail.


What does this mean for your email marketing?

A percentage of the contacts in your database may well have 02 email addresses. which makes this the perfect time to do some spring cleaning of your email lists.

Here are four things you should be doing right now:

1 – Segment all contacts with email addresses ending with ‘@o2.co.uk’ – don’t delete them yet, but do remove them from you main mailing campaign lists. If you use dotMailer, here’s a helpful GIF showing how you can do it.



2 – Contact customers/potentials via alternative means for additional contact information. Hopefully you’ve another method of getting in touch – either phone numbers, social IDs, postal addresses. Of course, you’ll want to strike the right balance of effort and costs vs the benefit of retaining the user as a contact.

3 – Ensure that your re-sign up process is straightforward. Make sure it’s easy for your users to navigate to, and find your sign up form. Mercifully, we also have a straightforward survey form builder that can help you create one. If you have a more advanced brand-site, you might want to consider building a ‘pop-over’ sign up form.

4 – Say goodbye to non-engagers. It’s time. Sadly, if you can’t get fresh details for any of the above users, it’s probably best you remove them from your lists.
In a recent presentation, our Client Services Director, Skip Fidura pointed out a recent DMA statistic, that if a customer doesn’t open an email after the third send there’s only a 3% chance they’ll ever open anything from you. Adoption and usage of O2 accounts was fairly low throughout its user base – hence the decision to shutter the service.

While I’d caution against saying that chasing after a handful of potential clients isn’t worth your time, you should consider that these particular users may never engage with your brand.

Through a combination of personalisation through dynamic content and behaviour triggers, along with clean email lists, you can look forward to ensure that your open and engagement rates will continue to climb, month-on-month.

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