Nurturing loyalty: Better transactional emails & integrating loyalty data within Magento

NURTURING LOYALTY: Our Head of eCommerce, Ben Staveley, has more exciting news about the latest update to our Magento Extension. It brings even more powerful email marketing automation programs into the hands of online retailers.

The last few weeks have seen a veritable bushel of great updates to dotmailer’s extension for Magento, along with the rollout of an integration with our newest technology partners, Sweet Tooth, one of the coolest loyalty and rewards platforms currently available to online retailers.

We listened to our users. As a result our updates have increased the number of brand touch points for our users. This allows retailers to better understand and build relationships with their customers.

nurturing loyalty

Next level transactional emails

We’re transforming what transactional emails can do. In our initial extension builds, we supported a handful of important transactional emails from a Magento site, such as new order confirmations as well as dispatch notifications. Now, customers are able to simply send the full suite of transactional messages already set up within their Magento site, using dotdigital as the mail delivery service.

Clients can now make transactional emails look beautiful. They can fill them with relevant cross-sell and upsell messaging. We can now send previously designed triggered campaigns via the dotdigital connector. This pulls in dynamic content, targeted to customers’ preferences and purchase history. We think that’s pretty cool.

Magento nurturing loyalty

The standard magento transactional email vs a branded transactional message made with dotdigital 

But why use dotdigital as an intermediary service? Aside from our exemplary rates of deliverability – reputable warmed IP addresses and feedback loops – our wide suite of analytics tools provide solid feedback on how your customers are interacting with your transactional emails. This is an important customer touch point, especially in regards to nurturing loyalty.

Lastly, in addition to the standard Magento transactional emails, many of our clients use custom email templates and third-party extensions. These also require a method of delivery. Users can opt to either select sending their transactional emails via the standard Magento server mail relay or via dotdigital.

A Sweet Tooth for nurturing loyalty

sweet tooth nurturing loyalty

Sweet Tooth are the most recent addition to our global technology partner community. We are very excited to work with them. Sweet Tooth helps brands create point-based reward and loyalty schemes. As a result, this helps build advocacy and increases purchase frequency and customer lifetime value. As a leading Magento extension, Sweet Tooth plugs in pretty snugly with over 3,000 global brands.

“We’re proud to be integrated with a brilliant email platform such as dotdigital. Using the dotdigital platform with Sweet Tooth integration, Magento retailers will be able to dramatically improve their eCommerce and loyalty program’s performance.”
Steve Deckert, co-Founder of Sweet Tooth

Clients are now able to sync key Sweet Tooth data, like points balance, to dotdigital’s campaign design and segmentation tools. Marketers using dotdigital can now build an even more detailed picture of their customers. This allows for deeper segmentation and smarter triggers. In other words, targeting the most loyal and engaged customers with messaging personalized to their purchase behaviours.

In addition, current Sweet Tooth and Magento users can supercharge the functionality of their regular loyalty statements through dotdigital’s campaign builder and easy editor. Remember, pretty emails + relevant content = customer engagement.

Other cool stuff you can now do

Advanced order syncing

Our clients rightly told us, ‘Why would we want to synch ALL our Magento data for our email marketing?’ This is what dotdigital used to do. Now, clients can pick which data fields they want to pull through. Users are now only segmenting on the orders important to their specific business.

Nurturing loyalty through automation enrollment

Users can now automatically add new customers and subscribers that come through their Magento site to specific automation programs. This allows a retailer to easily setup an auto responder when new customers enters the system. Combine this feature with the Easy Editor and Program Builder and the sky’s the limit. Because all kinds of engagement and retention programs that can be built.

Check out Skip Fidura, dotdigital Client Services Director and Chair of the DMA Email Council. He presents some ideas for automated engagement programs in our on-demand webinar ‘Humanizing Automation.’

Customer Review Data Mapping

Users can now pull in more information on the engagement profile of their users. Alongside all other customer data, users can now sync the total number of reviews a customer has left onsite, along with the date of the last review they left. A couple of great factors that could build some really interesting triggered campaigns.

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