Not using marketing automation? You’re not alone

In fact, out of the 60% of businesses using email marketing to stay in touch with their customers, only 13% are actually using automation software*.

There could be many reasons why marketing automation is yet to be implemented within your business, ranging from limited resource to lack of budget. But after an initial setup, automated programs can remove time-consuming manual tasks and deliver ROI fast.

Here are three reasons why you should start using automation, including a free download of our ‘Making time to save time: Email marketing automation’ guide – designed to help you take the next steps.

Save time and sanity

No-one likes to do the same thing again and again, especially if you’re a marketer. You want the time to come up with new and innovative ways to connect and engage with your customers, and that’s why marketing automation is great. If there’s pressure from your boss to ‘get more out’, an initial email program setup could enable you to reach 1,000 different customers with 1,000 different messages in a fully-automated way

Better targeting

Nowadays, the amount of data you can collect on your customers in colossal. But what’s the point of collecting advanced data if you’re not putting it to use? It’s never been more important to speak to prospects and customers on a one-to-one level. And without automation, it’s near impossible to create and send personalized emails to contacts based on behavior, date, event, engagement score and segmentation rule.

The need to be across multiple channels

There are more ways to reach your customers than ever before and, thanks to marketing automation, you can be across all of them. A multichannel approach significantly increases audience engagement, extending the conversation to SMS, push notifications or direct mail with offers tailored to your customers’ interests.

You can automate all kinds of communications, including renewal reminder text messages and abandoned cart and browse emails. To find out more about how marketing automation could help your business and how to build a business case for implementation, download our free guide, Navigating the 5 stages of marketing automation.


*Source: Autopilot, “Marketing Automation Performance Report” (2015)

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