New DotMailer Feature – Triggered Emails Following ‘Free Trial Signups’

We’ve just released a new feature in dotMailer that is perfect for dotMailer White Label account holders.

Our new Trial Signup triggered email option enables you to set up campaigns that dotMailer will send automatically, following any of your prospects signing up to a free trial of your white labelled email marketing service.

You can set up a single triggered campaign, or a series of campaigns that are sent automatically over a period of time/milestones.

For example…

1. Right away after a prospect signs up on your website to an email marketing trial through your dotMailer white label account, they are automatically sent a personalised HTML email. Your email thanks them for signing up, offers them document links to useful quick start guides and provides reassurance and contact information to encourage them to start using the trial.

2. Five days after your prospect signed up for the trial, they are automatically sent an email with practical hints and tops for successful email marketing, and some useful downloads.

3. One week before their trial is due to expire, they are automatically sent an email reminding them of this, and offering them the chance to call you to extend the trial or get more help.

You can set up as many triggered emails as you choose, and subject line split test them to determine the most effective series.

All these steps can help to increase your conversion rates and build profitable prospect and client relationships for your business – without you having to lift a finger.

How to set up your Free Trial triggered campaigns in dotMailer

It’s so easy to set up these triggered campaigns. Just create your content as a normal campaign, and in Edit Settings, choose Advanced Settings and Campaign Type as Triggered.

Next, go to Triggered Campaigns in the right hand menu, under Campaigns. Choose ‘Add New’, and at stage 2 select TRIALACCOUNTCREATED as your data field.

For detailed guidance on setting up triggered email campaigns download our Triggered Email Quick Start Guide or use the Help option in the app.

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