Why do you need an email marketing company?

How do you use your emails? Do you use them to chat to work colleagues and send them funny ‘LOLcats’ pictures or, if you’re the more industrious type, to send actual information to business partners? Email is the single most popular use for the Internet, and if you’re not using it to promote your business to dedicated customers, then you’re missing a trick. If you want an omnichannel marketing campaign that’s effective, strategic and targeted, then it’s time to talk to an email marketing company.

Email marketing what now?

Email marketing is the most effective way of reaching a core audience. An audience who have already made their intentions clear and their interest apparent by opting into your email newsletter mailing list. These are potential customers who have money to spend on the products or services you are offering. But getting them to do more than just read an email takes some gentle persuasion and an effective email marketing strategy. It takes the skills and experience of an email marketing company who can make the most of your captive audience.

Avoid getting deleted

The first thing an omnichannel marketing company will do is sit down with you and find out exactly what you want to achieve with your campaign. Do you just want to raise awareness amongst existing customers or do you have something specific to offer them? Email mailing lists represent your largest and most active segment of web users. They represent a baseline from which you can plan your strategy. An e-mail marketing company will look at the demographics, previous interaction and how likely your e-mail campaign recipients are to convert into buying customers. To make that all-important first contact point count, they’ll look at your subject line. It is this that determines how much further your interaction will go. If it isn’t grabbing your reader’s attention from the moment they scan down their inbox, then it’s not working.

An email marketing company will know how to avoid your emails getting deleted without being read. They’ll also know that once you have the customer on the hook, the next process is to draw them in. That’s where your killer content comes into play.

The big sell

Formal or informal? Chatty and friendly or professional and to the point? How you construct the body of your email will determine the success of your omnichannel marketing campaign. This is where your knowledge of your customers can help an omnichannel marketing company to put together an effective and laser guided sales pitch that actively encourages the reader to dig deeper. Clickable links taking them straight to the ‘special offer only available to email customers’ or the ‘learn more here’ all acts as a roadmap to channel your traffic exactly where you want them to go. How you talk to your customers matters. But whether they prefer an informal email or a more professional approach, the key is maintaining that one-to-one relationship that you’ve already established with them. An email marketing company understands just how important this relationship is and how crucial it is to the success of your campaign.

All of this sounds like a lot of hard work. Statistical audience analysis, market demographics, content creation, subject lines – so rather than spending vital business time tied up in e-mail campaigns, why not let an expert e-mail marketing company run it for you?

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