Naked SEO–The Kickoff

Penn_State_kickoffLast week, dotSEO invited Naked SEO winner, The Logic Group, into our offices for a very frank, no holds barred kick off meeting.

Having introduced ourselves, it was up to Alex, Head of Search for dotSEO, to lay the SEO kick off process bare.

1. Getting to know you.

Whenever 2 companies work together it is so important to understand each other, but none more so in SEO. SEO strategy has to fit closely with the overall aims and objectives of a your company so one SEO strategy or partner which is right for one company might not be right for yours.

Whenever starting to work with a SEO agency, make sure that they spend the time getting to know you. Without knowledge of your company and your target customers and target audiences, no quality SEO agency will be able to create a strategy that works for you.

2. Research & Analysis

The best relationships and plans follow decisions made on fact and the Research and Analysis stage within the SEO strategy formulation period is of the utmost importance. In following posts we’ll be giving you hints, tips and tools to understand more about your current SEO position.

Having got to know The Logic Group and Luben, Alex and his team will be starting the in-depth site audit and keyword analysis, which will give the starting ground to begin building the bones of the SEO strategy.

3. Where to next?

Once the research and analysis has been done, then the real exciting stuff happens, the on-going strategy and tactics which pushes you up the search rankings and that we will be laying bare over the next few months as we take you behind the scenes.

So keep your eyes peeled and make sure you’re subscribed to the blog!

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