More Online Shoppers Spending More

Figures* released from the Centre for Retail Research today show that more online shoppers are spending more. Opportunites for online sellers are continuing to mushroom.

Further, online sales account for close to 10% of total UK retail sales, but spend per transaction has jumped significantly.

As consumer’s confidence in online shopping grows, so the proportion of them spending £1,000 or more in a single transaction is growing – up t0 25% in 2009, against just 12% in 2008.

The key for online sellers in this exciting climate is 2 -fold.

Firstly, to continue to build on the growing trust and confidence that exists amongst online shoppers.

And secondly, to ensure upsell oppportunities are being maximised.

Tap into More Online Shoppers Spending More – Build trust

Incorporating web2.0 content like user reviews and ratings into ecommerce solutions helps, but don’t forget the basics, including:

1. About Us page: This page should include relevant information about the company. This includes its contact details, history and how long it has been trading

2. Company registration number: It’s a legal requirement under UK Company Law to include this on your website. Don’t hide it away. Let users see if you are a UK registered business

3. Including an About Us link in the top or main navigation menu. Also include a visible link to Delivery information and Contact Us information on each webpage. This will help to build customer confidence

4. Delivery terms page: If you need something for a certain date – a present, for example – it’s crucial to know how long delivery takes.

5. Returns information page: For many products, customers will be more willing to buy if they are assured that they can return the item.

6. FAQ: A help or FAQ page online will encourage visitors to find the answers to common queries themselves. This can help reduce the number of calls into your customer service team

Loads of advice and guidance on building user trust and on driving upsell in dotCommerce’s ecommerce benchmark report: Hitting the Checkout. Download it here.

*Source BBC News Channel

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