Mobile Search Is The Future: A Summary Of Google’s Think Mobile UK Event, Part.2

This post is a followup to a previous write up of talks from Google’s Think Mobile UK event. Read part 1 here.

Charles Dunstone, Carphone Warehouse (oh the irony of the name Carphone Warehouse these days!)

  • The next big thing in mobile according to Charles: one-click payments – beyond Apple and Amazon no one has done it well. CPW are currently trialling text payments for charities and apparently it’s working well.
  • He reminded us that because of slow adoption, mobile PPC is relatively cheap – and here at dotSearch we have seen it perform even better than standard PPC. It really is a glaring opportunity just waiting to be had
  • Mobile should complement the desktop experience. People expect the same experience on their mobiles as online – except ‘hyper-local’
  • Also…NFC (Near Field Payments – using mobiles instead of cards, cash, etc) is the next stage in mobile commerce. It’s being worked on. It’s coming to get us….
  • “Apps are for retention and loyalty, and mobile sites are for acquisition and commerce”. Makes sense to me.

On that note – someone mentioned that the hassle of cheque payments doesn’t exist in the US anymore….”now you can photograph a picture of the cheque on your mobile, send it to the bank, the money clears there and then” – is that true, US readers? If so, how soon can we Brits get this tech I wonder!?

Spending a Saturday morning in the Barclay’s queue is not my idea of a fun weekend….

Some other interesting stats from the event:

  • 52% of people calling call centres already have your website open: every channel now has to be consistently singing the same song. (So does that mean that the ‘channel’ doesn’t exist anymore – they’re all integrated? Thoughts?)
  • 44% of people go to bed with their mobiles.
  • 65% of people use them on their daily commute (reminds us that there are potential spenders – they are working)
  • Google have seen an 800% year-on-year growth in coupon queries.
  • 13% of retail queries are mobile.
  • 10% of all YouTube use globally is on mobile devices.
  • 53% of smartphone users are dual-screening (personally, I like to quad-screen!).
  • eBay sell 4 (full-size!) Ferraris a month on mobiles – people are willing to make big ticket purchases.
  • $2 billion a year is spent on mobiles
  • eBookers found that click through rate was +25% on mobile-targeted PPC ads (in line with the projects we’re working on, too)

eBookers and mobile destinations

A rep from eBookers talked about building a mobile destination online to meet their users’ whole new set of needs on mobiles. They showed us their Explorer app which creates a very shareable, personalised magazine. I almost wanted to buy an iPad to try it myself!

What are you waiting for?

The overall theme of the event was “it’s not too late to be early”. Well I agree, but time is running out. This opportunity is enormous, but the secret’s out. It’s time to put all this to practice and see some killer mobile search campaigns.

There was so much more insight, but as this is a blog, not an essay – perhaps we’ll write up further posts soon.

We’re ready, so if you’re looking to make money, generate exposure, gather insight, (or all of the above) from mobile searchers, get in touch with us on 0207 654 8675 – before your competition does!

If you missed the presentation at Marketing Week Live, you call still apply for a place on our breakfast briefings here:

And I’d love to hear your thoughts on all this, good and bad examples in practice, below or on Twitter: @dotSearch.

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