Mobile PPC: Your Golden Ticket

Mobile PPC is your golden ticket: It always surprises me how many marketers don’t have a strategy for mobile marketing.

We’re all trying to speak to the right person, right place, right time. So I think it’s crazy that so many marketers are overlooking the opportunity to run mobile-targeted PPC campaigns to users that they know are the right person,  in buy-mode, who are actively searching for a supplier like you.

And given the opportunity to target people near your local physical branch? Well, ladies and gentlemen of B2C online marketing, I envy the opportunity presented to you.

Why position is everything in mobile search

I mention PPC as opposed to SEO in this instance because in mobile search, position is everything.

For mobile users, clicking (or tapping) through on a result is a greater committment. Slower page load times, lack of screen real estate and shorter user attention spans all mean that your search listing needs to be at the very top in order to drive clicks.  The good news is that with PPC, #1 is quickly achievable.

Mobile usability

I often hear the argument that ‘people don’t buy from mobiles’, which we know to be simply untrue. Simply put, if your website is usable enough for mobile browsers, and your SEO agency gets your PPC ads right, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make money from mobile PPC.

And the chances are you’ll be doing this before your competitors have caught up. So this is why mobile PPC is you golden ticket to grabbing market share.

Learn more at our presentation at Internet World this Tuesday April 24th

Our digital marketing guru Skip Fidura is giving a practical presentation tomorrow (24th April) at Internet World, Earls Court, in the Mobile Theatre at 3.45pm.

Entitled How SME’s can get BIG results with Mobile PPC it’s a talk not to be missed. To register for a place at Internet World 2012, register here – it’s free!

Read more abut mobile marketing on our blog.

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