Mind Your Language!

By Cliff Guy

Email marketing knows no national boundaries, and dotMailer has clients from across Europe and the globe sending campaigns to contacts in their own countries, in their native languages.

No surprise then that we’ve had a lot of requests from clients asking us to include translations of the Unsubscribe and Forward to Friend links in their emails.

Initially, clients asked to provide their own translations, some using in-house language skills others using tools like Google Translate and Babelfish, to turn the English language text into their mother tongue.

Lost in translation

However, like a game of Chinese Whispers, it transpired that some attempts at translations by clients lacked something in the quality control area.

Mentioning no names of course, one client even submitted a translation for their unsubscribe link that should have read ‘Please provide your email address’ but actually read ‘Please provide your girlfriend’!

While some other email service providers appear to be continuing down the route of leaving the headache of producing translations to their clients, I’m pleased to report that we’ve put a far more client-friendly solution in place at dotMailer.

dotMailer goes multi-lingual

We took the all the related text for our unsubscribe and forward links to a respected, professional translation agency, with the brief to produce a completely reliable translation of 27 different phrases into 13 different languages.

These accurate translations we then loaded into a brand new feature in dotMailer, that automatically inserts the translated text into your email marketing templates when you use the ‘Insert Action’.

dotMailer chooses the translation to insert, based on the language settings on the PC of the dotMailer user. Clever stuff, n’est pas?

And it works for clients with customised and branded Unsubscribe and ‘Forward to Friend’ pages too!

The list of language translations we have rolled out so far includes:

• German
• Spanish
• Finnish
• French
• Italian
• Dutch
• Polish
• Portuguese
• Swedish
• Chinese
• Hungarian
• Slovak
• Turkish

Where clients have bespoke messages that they specifically want to provide translations for then we can accommodate this, so if that’s you then please contact your account manager.

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