Meet Magento Shows Off X Commerce And Trusted Extensions

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3 weeks ago, I attended the first UK “Meet Magento” conference at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster, London. When I first heard about the event I was very enthused; in light of the devel0pment of our new “dotMailer for Magento Connector”.

The Meet Magento conferences bring Magento designers, developers and users from the eCommerce community together to hear about what’s happening, learn more about the platform and its future roadmap as well as give them the chance to meet the Magento team and network with vendors and partners.

There were 2 things that I found particularly interesting:

The first was X Commerce.

X Commerce

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X Commerce has been on the horizon for a while now and it was great to learn more about it. It’s an open source eCommerce “Fabric” which has been designed to communicate with any other system. This won’t just be limited to Magento either: any Cart, POS, Terminal or application can use X Commerce  to easily talk to other systems.

Where I really see the benefit for our customers is the lowering of complexity within integrations, which in turn will lower the cost of these to clients. Smaller retailers will really be able to take advantage of systems, features and functionality that was once only available for those with a bigger budget. This means that shoppers can get a much better service and experience from smaller players who can also offer a more personal service.

In the long run, I’d expect much more powerful integrations to come from X Commerce; facilitating improved customer experience, business reporting and automation.


“Trusted Extensions”

This really excited me. As a developer for Magento as well as project manager, I can recognise how the new Trusted Extension certification offers additional reassurance for Magento users and a high standard for all Magento developers to achieve.

There are no details on costs, requirements or a launch date yet; however all Magento GO apps will be able to access this when the app store for GO is officially released, which they said was pretty imminent at the Conference.

I look forward to when it does apply to the main app store and Magento users will no longer have to install at Midnight (or their quietest periods), close their eyes, cross their fingers, and go live whilst praying nothing breaks!

And the rest

Alongside X Commerce and Trusted Extensions a few other things caught my eye during the day.

Personalisation of stores and the removal of the need to ‘manage content’: Content is to be based on user behaviour; showing related up-sell and cross-sell products that are in stock and in their size. I think this will be embraced by the fashion and beauty industries and offer greater revenue potential for these retailers. Those who embrace this first will see the biggest impact.

Social group shopping – e.g. when 3 of you buy, all save 15%: This is a win both for merchants and consumers. Merchants can play on today’s “bargain culture”, benefit from larger baskets and the goodwill and word-of-mouth from 3 advocates.

It was an absolutely worthwhile day.

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