Meet Lili Boev, our Group Account Director

This week we grabbed some time with dotmailer’s Group Account Director, Lili Boev, who looks after the team who support our key account customers.
  1. Why did you join the dotmailer team?

I joined as a graduate almost 8 years ago in the New Business sales team. I moved into Account Management and have progressed through the ranks in the Account Management function to now head up the Key Accounts team. I had learned about email marketing at university and marketing in general was what I enjoyed most from my degree. dotmailer offered me the opportunity to not only do what I was good at, but also support clients from the strategic side. I knew right from the first interviews that I wanted to work at such an exciting and growing company.

  1. Tell us a bit about your role

My role as the Group Account Director is to lead the Key Account team and has three main elements. One: I support and line manage the Key Account Directors, whose primary responsibilities are to develop our clients email programs to ensure they meet their objectives. The goal of the team overall is to provide outstanding service to our clients and to continually push their email marketing. Two: I work top-level with our clients from a strategic point of view. I challenge their status quo to make sure they don’t become stale with their email marketing. Three: I work closely with the other senior managers to refine the internal processes so that our key account clients have a seamless journey through the various teams at dotmailer. This ensures that we deliver the highest possible service to the client and that they continue to use the platform.

Lili, the basketball lover

Lili, the basketball lover

  1. What accomplishments are you most proud of from your dotmailer time so far?

I’m most proud of the fact that I began at dotmailer 8 years ago as a graduate and the company has rewarded my hard work and provided me with additional responsibilities and growth opportunities.  I feel very fortunate to work for that kind of a company, and that my colleagues across the business look to me for guidance and advice in the strategic direction of the business.

  1. Can you please tell us a bit about the Key Accounts function? What do you do and which customers qualify as Key Accounts?

The Key Accounts function exists to work with dotmailer’s largest and most complex clients. These businesses typically operate in many countries. They also have many business units or have quite complex requirements for their email strategy. They are often quite high touch clients and are fairly advanced with their marketing maturity. Many of our clients see us as an extension to their marketing teams. We are often involved with decisions that even go beyond email, which shows the level of trust our clients have in us. We have a very proactive approach to the development of our client’s email programs.

  1. What are your plans for the Key Accounts function?

We have spent the last few years developing a methodology and planning process that has proven to yield results. We are adding new features to the platform all the time. We are also seeing our clients have a more complex technical infrastructure. I want us to continue pushing innovative uses of the dotmailer features and to continue our strong heritage of being able to exceed the expectations of our clients no matter their unique needs.

  1. What are the most common questions that you get when speaking to a prospective customer?

The main questions I tend to get are around the services that Key Accounts offer – given we work so closely with our Key Account clients, they want to know about the team and the type of service we can provide for them.

  1. Can you tell us about the dotmailer differentiators you highlight when speaking to prospective customers that seem to really resonate?

Our Key Account approach and methodology is a big differentiator to our clients – as is our transparency.  When I show prospective customers our Key Account methodology they always seem so surprised to see it — as if it’s something that other businesses don’t do. I show them sample Account Plans and client roadmaps, as well as the process that we follow to achieve results. I explain that all our suggestions always tie into their business goals and we take into account any internal challenges and barriers. This seems to be a big differentiator and gets them very excited to work with us.

  1. What still surprises you in your daily interactions with dotmailer’s customers – current or prospective?

It never ceases to amaze me how some clients don’t think they are doing anything particularly interesting or unique. If I think that a client is doing something interesting and different, they laugh when I suggest they enter it for an award. Many of our clients seem to think that other organizations are doing it so much better. Digital Marketers really are a humble bunch of people. They definitely need to be recognized for the fantastic work they do. I’m so glad that we have things like the dotmailer ‘dotties’ – our award program designed to do just that.

  1. How much time is your team on the road vs. in the office? Any road warrior tips to share?

On average, the team spend about one day a week on the road, meeting with clients. Luckily, we have this awesome office that our clients love coming to as well and we’re always so glad to have them sit with us.

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself – favorite sports team, favorite food, guilty pleasure, favorite band, favorite vacation spot?

I love sports. I play basketball and do obstacle course races. I climb, cycle and on occasion snowboard.  I also play squash. I play anything that involves kicking, throwing or hitting a ball. I love ice hockey though I don’t play. I am a bit obsessed with the Chicago Blackhawks and the local team the Guildford Flames.  I enjoy getting out and about, and do as much as possible around London. Recently, I went to watch Mexican Lucha Wrestling and have been to almost all the Secret Cinema events. My not so guilty pleasure is probably modern ballet. I go at least a few times a year to watch.

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