Measuring Offline Sales From Online Campaigns

Measuring ROI is one of the most important aspects of any marketing campaign. If you don’t know where you’re experiencing a return on your investment then you won’t know which activities are worth repeating and which are best left by the wayside.

If you’ve ploughed a large chunk of your marketing budget into your online campaigns (including email) but all of your call to actions point to a prospect coming in to your bricks and mortar store or picking up the phone to you, is there any way you can track that?

Tracking is ever so important as you’ll be able to gauge what works and what doesn’t so that you can amend your campaigns going forward accordingly.

So, can we track offline sales from online campaigns?

Yes. Leave the guestimates at the door, here are 3 tactics that you can employ:

VoucherVouchers and Codes:

Vouchers and codes are nothing new; they’ve been used by marketers wanting to track newspaper, TV and radio ads before now.

Essentially what you’d do here is create a unique code or voucher for your online campaign and customers who would like to redeem it would be required to give you the code over the phone or physically bring the print out in to store if appropriate.

You can drill even deeper if you like and have unique vouchers or codes for each strand of your online marketing efforts.

For example, your tweets could use one code and your email efforts could contain another. This way, you can really drill down into exactly which part of your campaign is working best and bringing in the sales.

Call Tracking

In a nutshell, this means using a different phone number for each of your ads and tracking how many times each number rings and/or converts.

Don’t worry, you won’t need to install another 10 phone lines into your office, there is software out there that will route all numbers to the one handset and then provide you with analytics.

Err…Just Ask!

Consider going old school by simply asking customers how they found you. Perhaps you could run a survey (with dotMailer surveys, your responses will be beautifully integrated with your campaign data, too!).

One of the great things about running a survey is that you can also ask your customers to divulge other useful information like what your sales process was like, how was the aftercare they received, would they use your services again; all information that is extremely valuable in helping you to perfect your sales processes.

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