Marketing events to inspire your next campaign

At dotdigital we’re passionate about helping you achieve your marketing goals. That’s why we offer regular free learning experiences for marketers designed to help you exceed your potential.

dotlive is our free marketing event series designed to give marketers top tips and tricks to get the best results possible from their marketing efforts.

For almost 7 years we’ve hosted dotlives to help keep you at the top of your marketing game. Covering everything from news and trends in the world of digital marketing, to the latest advances on our platform, these educational events are created with you in mind.

All our sessions are hosted by a variety of industry marketing experts from dotdigital and beyond. It’s our goal to provide you with advice and top-level inspiration when it comes to future omnichannel marketing campaigns. During these events, we dive deep into topics ranging from subject lines to landing pages and segmentation to design inspiration.

As all marketers have had to do in recent months, we’ve adapted to the times. Those of you who have been following us for a while will remember the days of physical events. Our dotlive events may be virtual now but they haven’t always been. We host events in all forms, from live seminars in our London Bridge office to roadshow events at venues across Europe and the Americas.

dotlive live marketing events

But, one thing that certainly hasn’t changed is that dotlive events are always live!

Why attend a dotlive?

In recent years it’s been more important than just ever to keep your marketing agile and find smart tactics you can implement quickly and with immediate effect. dotlive events are free learning sessions so anyone within the digital or marketing industry will benefit.

We choose the hottest topics for our free learning events to ensure you’re getting the most out of your time. But if you’re looking for more reasons to attend, we’ve got plenty:

  • dotlives are designed for marketers who specialize in either B2B, B2C or NFP
  • You can attend dotlives no matter your specialty, even if you’re a copywriter, designer, event organizer, or even a data analyst
  • Topics vary each month
  • Tactics can be implemented easily and with immediate impact
  • You’ll get exclusive insight into dotdigital’s latest news and features
  • See some great examples and customer case studies
  • Hear from our guest expert speakers
  • It’s free to attend – you can even bring a friend!

How can I attend a dotlive?

Keep an eye on our events page for upcoming events or webinar sessions, check out our social pages and keep an eye out for those important newsletters and event invites.

We continue to look forward to seeing friendly new faces and familiar ones too when physical events start again. In the meantime, keep watching our webinars, and please join us at our next event.

All the best until the next dotlive!

free learning events for marketers

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