How to Add…Pinterest To Your Email Campaigns

I love pin + interest Pinterest is a social bookmarking site that is focused on pictures and imagery rather than words. The network allows users to ‘pin’ or post images to their virtual ‘pin boards’.

Users of the network tend to categorize these boards by themes or occasions. While fashion, interior design and baking are among some of the most popular topics on Pinterest, the network has been adopted by a wide array of businesses.

The relatively infant network already boasts a whopping 10.4 million members and it’s been said that Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube combined!

In addition to the impressive membership and traffic referral stats, a survey by PriceGrabber has found that Pinterest users often buy the things they find on other peoples boards. 21% of respondents to their survey said that they have purchased items they found when browsing someone’s profile.

With stats and figures like that it’s easy to see why businesses are getting excited; hoping that the network might actually deliver the direct contribution to sales they had previously hoped Facebook would.

It’s relatively early days for Pinterest email integration although having said that we’ve already found a few examples that have impressed us. Here are two of our favorites:



Babies R Us:

This email from Babies R Us is nicely done.

The email is well designed and visually appealing and one of the main calls to actions is for recipients to use the ‘Pin it’ button.

When this button is clicked, the user has the option to put the image into a specific board and/or share it further via Facebook and Twitter.




Sony is another brand currently enjoying great Pinterest success.

Econsultancy say that when Sony searched Pinterest, ‘they found a lot of gadgets as they expected but they also found a lot of old school products and pictures of fan made products such as Sony Walkman shaped cakes’.

This allowed them to tap into what fans wanted which spurred them to ’plan its potential boards and analyze the assets they already had in its Flickr community, in house and in its archives’.

To further grow their Pinterest boards, Sony promote their presence on the network via emails like the one pictured (left). In their emails they urge recipients to start following their popular boards. Cleverly, they also used email to invite people to join Pinterest as initially you needed an invitation from an existing member in order to be able to join in the fun.

In an attempt to monetise the platform, Sony has recently introduced a Sony Sale Board. Once a week they launch a new deal. To unlock the deal Sony requires users to generate a minimum number of re-pins (this is essentially a retweet in Pinterest speak); another very clever way to further expand their social reach.

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