Making Online Surveys Easy: Introducing DotSurvey

Long ago, a company called Ellipsis Media took a bold step and flicked the switch on an exciting new email marketing tool.

Twelve years on, the company is called the dotdigital Group and the product – dotdigital Engagement Cloud – is now one of the leading email marketing platforms in the country and has been joined by a series of other complementary products and services covering everything from SEO to ecommerce platforms and website creation.

Today, we’re very, very excited to be able to unveil a product that we hope will have a similarly huge effect on business as you know it. This is a brand new offering from the dotDigital Group that will be available to you all, for free, very soon.

dotSurvey – what is it?

dotSurvey is, an online survey tool allowing you to create surveys and quickly and easily collate results and data. It is designed around our philosophy of creating incredibly powerful digital products with incredibly easy to use interfaces. That means including all the advanced features you can imagine and making it as easy as possible for you to make the most of them.

The tool is the latest in a line of survey options we’ve provided over the years, starting with FormBuilder, and evolving through the dotdigital survey tool. But we felt like it was time for a clean break and with all the feedback received from clients over the years, we went back to the drawing board and got to work building dotSurvey from the ground up.

dotSurvey is built around our awesome new EasyEditor technology. As a result, you can throw a questionnaire together in real time with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface.

Drag form items straight into your template or if the template isn’t going to plan, use the built-in undo to get things back on track.

What makes it different?

Aside from being faster and easier to use, dotSurvey includes another star feature…


This flagship dotSurvey feature lets you effortlessly create a survey that matches the branding and layout of your website. Simply enter your URL and the dotSurvey engine does the rest, sucking in your site’s layout and design and inserting your survey where you want it to go.

So rather than sending your survey respondents to a horrible looking, third party survey page, you can create something that fits in with your brand guidelines and looks incredibly professional.

How can I distribute my surveys?

Naturally, a survey is nothing without easy ways to distribute it and get people to participate. dotSurvey will include sharing through everything from Facebook, through Twitter to LinkedIn – let us know which networks are most important to you. Log in and authorise it once then you simply tick a button when publishing.

Not only that, but dotSurvey is fully integrated with our dotdigital email marketing platform allowing you to distribute surveys via email and also pull data you collect into your email contact database.


How does dotSurvey do reports?

With the survey builder tool, you get full detailed analytics. For free. From day one. What’s more, you can easily export into PDF format and edit to your heart’s content, adding a company logo juggling how you’d like the information to be displayed.

You can even get the data out in CSV format, tweak it in Excel or send it around to colleagues.

Check out the current mock-up of the interface below:

What else can I use dotSurvey for?

We know our customers will find hundreds of innovative ways to use this tool, but here are a couple of the more popular applications:

  • Questionnaires
  • Competitions
  • Data capture forms
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Online order forms

And because of the CopyKat feature, you can put your survey anywhere on your site and it automatically fits in.

How do I get dotSurvey?

Keep an eye on and register now to get more info when the beta goes live. Tell them CopyKat sent you…

In the meantime, keep track of what the team is up to via the Official dotSurvey Twitter feed and Flickr account here.

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