Simplifying how you update your contact data with surveys

We've just released way better data mapping between surveys and your contact data.

We take on a lot of feedback here in dotMailer’s product team, and much of our development work comes as a result of listening to our users. Sometimes it helps us identify new functionality that you’re hankering after, and sometimes it finds something we already have that needs a bit of a revamp.

We’ve talked at length on how surveys are an exceptionally powerful tool for data collection. And now we’ve made deploying them even more stress free.

Earlier this year we ran a series of ‘hallway’ tests, observing users building a survey with data mapping. We learnt a lot (especially about how not to do things!).

Initially, to build a survey with data mapping you’d add an email address element, then turn data mapping ‘on’, then pick an address book for new or updated contacts, and then (and only then) assign your other elements to data fields. Phew.

Your feedback quite rightly told us this wasn’t easy enough, so we sat down to redesign the process from the ground up.

From today, users no longer have to create a ‘data mapped’ survey; instead, you can assign any question in any survey to a contact data field – whenever you want.



When you do this, you’ll need to ensure you’re collecting the respondent’s email address (so we know who they are). But if you forget, the app will remind you – and even add the question for you automatically.

We also learnt that choosing the address book for respondents in the editor just wasn’t the right place. As a result, we’ve moved this part of the process to the Settings page on Step 2 – along with all the other survey options.

All this means that it’s now easier than ever to collect and amend contact data through super-personalised preference centres, signup forms and surveys to grow your marketing lists and boost customer engagement.

If you want the full lowdown on how it’s done, we have documentation over on our knowledge base.

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