Make Your Powerpoints Powerful

Make Your Powerpoints Powerful: Once your online survey has come to a close, it’s all about the results. With dotSurvey you can, with the click of a mouse, create some pretty and branded charts, but if you’re going to be presenting your data to others then you’ll want to give them a little more than a series of line, pie and bar charts.

You’re going to have to work to make your presentation as engaging as possible and no, no amount of PowerPoint bells and whistles will quite cut it.

I’ve watched so many PowerPoint presentations whereby the presenter thinks they’ve delivered something stimulating because each sentence or image arrives and leaves the slide in some sort of chequered or looping fashion. Presentations like this are unlikely to hold an audience members attention for long, especially in the age of the smartphone when news, social interactions and cat videos are less than arms reach away. The good news is that engagement doesn’t come with fancy formatting; it’s actually much simpler than that.

Ditch the slides:

No, not all of them, but certainly get rid of the unnecessary ones. Remember, you are the presenter and you want people to be listening to you rather than being fixated on your slides.

Give it some depth:

Consider whether you are able to work video, audio or animation into your presentation/s. You might not even have to create this in house; YouTube may very well already host some relevant industry or topical content that you can embed straight into your presentation.

Harness your qualitative data:

If you used open ended questions in your online survey, then pick some of the best responses and include them in your slides.

If a point is too text heavy, don’t be afraid to bullet point it. A good rule of thumb is to have no more than six bullet points per slide and no more than six words per bullet point.

In conclusion, by utilizing the tips above, now you can make your Powerpoints powerful. For more info on presentations, check out our blog.

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