Putting the social back into social media with Facebook

From Facebook Business to WhatsApp, to Twitter and Snapchat, social media is now part of the modern customer service and sales landscape. All businesses need to be considering how they deliver great brand engagement and a superior customer experience through social media. And the key is in the name. Social media is social. So why aren’t you using Facebook Messenger as a customer service live chat platform? Your customers are craving conversation. Messaging holds the key to achieving success.

Let’s take a look at the potential of conversations using Facebook Messenger.

The stats

Globally, Facebook has an incredible 2 billion users and counting. The number of monthly active Facebook users in the UK alone is projected to reach 42.27 million individuals by 2022 which means Facebook enables you to connect with over 60% of the UK population. Further to this, 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger every month. Some of these overlap as Facebook users, but some are unique just to Messenger, and on here, 8 billion messages are already being exchanged between people and businesses every month. So how do you use Facebook Messenger as a customer service live chat solution?

Facebook Advertising

Put all of this together and it becomes evident that Facebook Business and Facebook Advertising is an amazing platform for businesses. It also has rich demographic data that allows for precise targeting and a greatly diverse way of creating ads. It allows you to adjust your desired outcome from everything of click-throughs to purchases. But most importantly, and significantly as businesses continuously find to be true, it allows for engaging the customer in a conversation to be the goal of a campaign.

Types of Facebook Ads

There are a few ways to do this. You can use Facebook Advertising to send a sponsored message to users who have previously messaged you. However, Facebook does have restrictions around this which more or less prohibit marketing. The more marketing-friendly option is to display ads either in Facebook’s newsfeed or as an ad in Facebook’s Messenger app. You then set the desired goal for the user to click to message you and start a conversation.

The right tools to manage

These conversation-promoting ads help to turn traditional 1-way advertising into modern 2-way connecting conversations between you and your customers. Essentially you’ve put a sales rep in everyone’s living room, and your customers are already chatting to them. This helps you to drive results with not just direct conversions, but also users’ experiences of your brand. With Messenger connected directly to Comapi Chat, your agents are able to immediately answer queries that traditionally would be a barrier to sale. With the team function, you can also seamlessly hand over from sales to support, ensuring a great experience for both existing and new customers.

Other uses for Messenger

Messenger is also a great channel for alerts, reminders and notifications. Consider getting customers to opt in to receiving messages on this channel for product or service updates on their orders. Then if there are any issues, such as a required change of delivery date, customers can immediately engage with agents. If they notice an error on the receipt that you used Messenger to send to them, they’re already in an app which can resolve this. If they want to repeat an order, you could even use a bot so that the word or button ‘repeat’ triggers another order for the customer. This doesn’t just gift you extra, effortless revenue. It provides your consumers with extra customer satisfaction.

Remember, this is not the work of science fiction or a technology which exists in the distant future. Chat with us today to discover how quickly we can get you up and running with Facebook Messenger, and many other channels.

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