Magento Live UK 2016 – the dotmailer roundup

We often blog about our adventures at Magento events. Over the last 12 months the dotmailer team has been out in force at Magento meetups, MageTitans, Magento Live AUS, Magento Imagine - the list goes on. Yet what always takes us by surprise at these events is the rapid pace of ecommerce technology development, increasing collaboration between partners and of course, changing customer expectations.

Magento Live UK took place in Westminster this week with 800+ Magento merchants, technology partners and agencies in attendance. We got excited about the latest Magento company announcements, were inspired by various merchant case studies, networked and of course watched some football. The dotmailer team highlights were (from the conference not the footy that is):

The merchant stories:

We heard the ecommerce stories of numerous Magento merchants and dotmailer clients over the two days. Our own Client Services Director Skip Fidura spoke with client Slendertone (a world leading provider of toning and body shaping devices). Together they spotlighted the efforts of Slendertone in using email to drive new customer loyalty and encourage that next purchase. Doug Taylor, CRM Manager of Slendertone, spoke about how they push data from the Connect Abs wearable device via an app of the same name to Magento and to dotmailer for use in new customer, re-engagement and replenishment automation programs. We have the slides for you here or you can watch the video in full below.

We also heard about the growth strategies of dotmailer’s fashion clients Links of London and Oliver Sweeney in a panel discussion that covered the technologies that are key to their customer engagement efforts, with personalisation of huge importance – of digital communication but also the products themselves (think initials embossed on handbags and shoe tattooing!).

Fashion Strategies Panel


Magento 2.1 released this week:

  • Whilst the long awaited Magento 2.0 release was the biggie, 7 months on from the launch, Magento Live UK brought some real life experiences of moving to Magento 2 (2,400 live sites already!) and active plans to do so. Check out the ClearBags B2B merchant story – they spoke at the conference about their experience.
  • There were plenty of Breakout Sessions for those requiring advice on data migration or the latest Enterprise Cloud Edition. We also got a breakdown on the tech stack powering Enterprise Cloud Edition, more here.
  • We got the highlight features of the 2.1 release, including the ability for merchants to preview and schedule content, new PayPal features and more hosting options. For those who want more details, Magento are hosting a webinar over the next few weeks. Register for the webinar.

The continued rise of B2B ecommerce:

One of the most popular panel sessions at Magento Live UK was the B2B Expert Panel with merchants MacFarlane Packaging, Uniphar and Zoro. It covered:

  • The challenges for B2B merchants with regards to scaling to meet spikes in customer demand
  • The ecommerce technology stack needed to deliver a great B2B website
  • ERP V CRM functionality – when to use which system
  • Delivery custom pricing and promotion

It was also great to see that B2B remains a key strategic theme for 2016 – 2017:

Magento Roadmap Strategic Themes


The new Magento Marketplace:

On day 2 of the conference, we joined a session that gave us some updates on the roadmap for the new Magento Marketplace (formerly Magento Connect), the home for extensions. The focus remains on quality of the extensions that make it to the Marketplace, with all extensions having to go through a code audit. We were told that there are currently 254 extensions currently available and 247+ extensions in the audit queue! If you want to check if your extension is Magento 2 ready, you can do so here (dotmailer is ready!).

Magento Marketplace plans


Finally, whether you were at the conference this week or are just curious to see what attendees got up to, the photos are up!

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