Looking Good With Email Templates

The online world is pretty much in total agreement. Email marketing is one of the best revenue drivers out there. In fact for 2010 The USA’s Direct Marketing Association predicts an ROI for e-mail in the region of US$43. That’s over $43 returned for each dollar invested in email marketing. Big bucks. That’s the good news. The bad news is that access to these sorts of returns isn’t easy. It’s a hugely competitive environment with battle for attention increasingly fierce. Be it content copy, email templates or the quality of your mail lists you will need to manage your messages wisely to make the most of your email marketing,

Focus and flair

If you are to stand any kind of realistic chance of getting your hands on all that online action then you will need to do two things and do them both extremely well. The first is to make sure that you are sending the right sorts of messages to the right sorts of people. Have you paid enough attention to your database? Is it segmented properly so that you can clearly define your target audiences? What about your copy content? Is it speaking in a language your audience understands? Does it resonate with them? Barking up the wrong online tree can be a time-consuming, resource hungry and frustrating business. Best get your targeting right from the outset.

Secondly, you need to make sure that your messages stand out from the crowd – that they get above the noise. Looking good is a vital component in your success and to do this you need to select email templates that, like your copy content, appeal to your target audience.

Dress to impress with professional looking email templates

When it comes to effective and profitable e-mail marketing, first impressions count. One of the quickest and easiest ways of impressing your audience is by using eye-catching and professional templates. By elevating your mail above the standard and uninspired plain HTML emails that many companies send you have automatically given yourself a head start. Not only does it show that you’re serious about your communications, but the appealing way in which your information is presented also gives it an improved chance of being read.

How your email service provider can help you with your email templates

If you are working with a quality, professional e-mail service provider then you won’t be short of options. For starters it is likely that you will have the choice of numerous free templates that you can customise with your own company logo, images and copy. If you lack the time or the confidence to do it yourself then the chances are that your provider will (for a small fee) be able to do it all for you, adding your company information, branding and whatever you want to a template. Further, if none of the free email templates appeal then your e-mail service partner will more than likely offer a bespoke template design service. Thus giving you your very own individual email layout or personalised email template. See how it works out. As with all e-mail campaigns – test, test and test again.

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