Lights, camera, call-to-action!

When we post to the dotdigital Engagement Cloud blog, it’s often an interesting experience. You never know who’s listening or how far your ideas might travel. On the other hand, there can be a fear that you’ll just be shouting into the ether and nobody will follow your carefully thought-through advice.

Last year, I wrote a post about organisations missing out on the potential for data capture by hiding away their sign-up forms in places users would never find them. It’s such a simple mistake, made with a regularity that often shows neglect for this important form of marketing.

It sounds like the cosmic fibre of the universe must have been listening as, since then, I’ve seen some calls-to-action out there but one recently stood out in particular: it came from one of our dotdigital Engagement Cloud customers, Lewisham Council.

According to Lewisham Council itself, this form picked up over 200 sign-ups in the space of a month! For an organisation of its size, and considering the potential impact of the double opt-in policy, this is an amazing result.

So what makes it work?

The details

The most obvious thing Lewisham Council has got right here is making the form clearly visible to all visitors. It’s in the ‘highlight’ space on the homepage, making it unmissable to even the most casual viewer. The homepage is always going to get the most eyeballs on a site and so giving this kind of exposure to the email newsletter marks it out as a key part of the marketing strategy for the Council.

And it is clear to see that similar amounts of care and attention-to-detail has gone into the tick-box subscription form where you can decide exactly what topics you want to be emailed about. This will ensure that any recipient gets email messages that are perfectly geared towards what they are looking for.

Overall, the impression is that this is a brand that understands email marketing and knows how to make the most of it to get value. Put email at the centre of your digital strategy, in the right way, and you can’t fail to see its potential for building relationships that last.

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