Microsoft Dynamics CRM Users: Finally – Get Automated!

For clients that use our Microsoft Dynamics connector, we wanted to make it easier to send sophisticated email automation programs such as a series of welcome emails or automated sends based around what a recipient does with your email when they receive it.

We’ve had this function in dotMailer for a while – but now, the ‘single send’ feature that enables this, can be used within Dynamics CRM workflows and dialogs.

What is single send?

Our new single send functionality allows dotMailer templates to be sent instantly based on an activity within Dynamics CRM, dotMailer emails can be triggered based on pretty much any CRM activity.

A CRM activity could be a change of lead rating from ‘Warm’ to ‘Hot’, a change of company status from ‘Awaiting payment’ to ‘Payment received’ or, when an activity is created for example a call back or meeting.

How does it work?

The beauty of this feature is it uses the existing workflow functionality within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. If you are not familiar with this concept yourself, your Dyanmics CRM partner will know it inside out so, there are no new processes to learn.

When building a workflow simple choose email single send and set properties:

Dynamics Image 1

You can then choose a prebuilt dotMailer campaign to send. At this stage you can also push CRM data into dotMailer data fields on the fly, meaning the dotMailer campaign can use real time CRM data for personalisation and dynamic content:

Dynamics Image 2

All reporting data generated by dotMailer (eg opens and clicks) for the single send is then presented back at lead and contact level in CRM. This reporting data can then be used as part of further CRM workflows and single sends.

What is the advantage of doing this?

This new feature gives Microsoft Dyanmics CRM users the best of both worlds: The very sophisticated workflows functionality of Microsoft Dynamics in conjunction with heavily personalised, dynamically populated emails built using  EasyEditor.

This combination of technologies means your email marketing will look after itself, it will ensure you are sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

What if I want to use single send functionality to send dotMailer campaigns manually?

This single send functionality also extends into the dialogs functionality in CRM. Unlike workflows which do not require user input to run, dialogs are started by a CRM user. This can now be done from within a lead or contact record in.

From within the CRM record you simply choose to start a dialog and select the dotMailer campaign you wish to send:

Dynamics Image 3 Look Up Record

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