Leading the Pack: dotMailer named a ‘G2 Crowd Leader’

We’ve been having a great deal of good news come our way recently. Here’s COO Tink Taylor to share some more!

If you’ve ever been to a dotMailer seminar, or when in discussion with your account manager, you’ll know our story – of how three budding young entrepreneurs  from South Croydon, built a business email solution for the BBC. It was a software solution developed by listening and working closely with a client – and one so successful that a whole new British tech company was born from it. 15 years later and dotMailer is still alive and making waves.


In all of that time our core thinking hasn’t changed. At the centre of our business and product are ‘people’ – understanding the needs of our clients and their end-users. Our ethos has always been to make the things that marketers find difficult, easy to do. This year, our clients and users rewarded our investment in them, by voting us as ‘Leaders’ in G2 Crowd’s rankings of customer satisfaction in email marketing software.

We join worthy competitors, ExactTarget and MailChimp as marketing technology providers with both a large review base and a high level of customer satisfaction. Check out our G2 Crowd page for full review listings.

dotSatisfaction – Ranking high

In particular, our customers highlighted their love of the ease-of-use of the platform for building and personalising emails. The scores also reflected that our users’ rates of satisfaction with aspects such as support quality and ease of admin were above grid averages. Read the full report here.

Our product roadmap is very much influenced by feedback and input from our users and our client-base. We’ve always placed a high value on the strong relationships we foster with our clients, and we are proud to see how that is reflected in the G2 Crowd report.

Lastly, I would like to extend a huge thanks to all of the dotMailer family – the development team, the designers, the support crews, along with the sales and account managers that have helped build our product and services over the past 15 years into what it is today. This award is really a testament to them.

Find out why our users love dotMailer, with a test drive.

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