Latest dotdigital API Update

We live in an age of APIs. Services like Twitter and Instagram have flourished due in part to the developers exposing valuable links into the system through which the community can create the tools it needs. And dotdigital is no different.

The dotdigital APIs are designed to make life easier for our email marketing customers. Sometimes that means wide sweeping changes that enable whole new avenues of possibility.

Other times, it might be small refinements here and there – below, we’ll take a look at an example of one such refinement to the process of importing contacts.

Expanded options

You may already be familiar with the GetContactImportProgressfunction in our connector – a handy tool that lets you check up on the progress of your import. Previously, it has presented a couple of potential statuses:

  1. Finished
  2. Not Finished

While these are pretty clear, we heard from your feedback that there were potential pitfalls. For example, were the import to be blocked by the dotdigital Watchdog or the data turned out to be in an invalid format, you could be left in limbo without the insight you need into what’s happening.

But not any more!

More granular detail

We’re keen to get more detail into the system so that the status is as clear as possible. The first tweak is that there’s now official support for “RejectedByWatchdog” or “InvalidFileFormat” tags which will immediately let you know that the upload is cancelled and precisely why.

We’re always listening to our users when it comes to feedback and this is just one of the many many changes we’ve been working on – no doubt I’ll be back soon with another post and more updates.

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