Keeping up with the eComm curve – dotmailer for Magento updates

With a range of impressive new functionalities launched in December’s Magento update, we thought we’d better make some improvements of our own.

The first of our quarterly releases is packed full of new features aimed at benefiting the end retailer. Read on for an overview of dotmailer for Magento updates…

External dynamic content

We’re pleased to announce that improvements have been made to dotmailer’s ‘External Dynamic Content’ feature. In a nutshell, EDC allows the sender to feature external content seamlessly into an email, displaying real-time information at point of send. A host of dotmailer for Magento users currently utilize EDC for a range of functions including abandoned cart content, bestselling products, as well as most viewed and potential cross-sell products.

The new release will allow greater flexibility over styling and the capability of filtering by product category. All templates will also be mobile responsive, allowing content to be viewed ‘on the move’ via smartphone and tablets.

Customer segmentation

Magento Enterprise already comes with a fairly sophisticated customer segmentation tool. Retailers are increasingly using this feature to display relevant images and pricing according to the customer segment that the website visitor is part of.

However, dotmailer for Magento users are currently hitting a stumbling block when attempting to integrate these customer segments with email. At present, you would need to replicate all criteria within dotmailer’s own drag & drop segmentation tool. But from January onwards, Magento segmentation criteria will synchronize as a standard data field within dotmailer, removing the need for replication of any kind.

Loyalty points

In August last year, we were delighted to announce a partnership with Sweet Tooth. Since then, the integration with dotmailer has enabled brands to create point-based reward and loyalty schemes. However we felt something should be done for retailers using the loyalty point tool already available with Magento. Our latest release will allow you to synchronize key loyalty data to dotmailer such as point totals and point expiration information to ensure your loyal customers know just how much you value them!



Preference management

As default, Magento only supports a single subscriber list, however dotmailer allows a contact to opt in and out of any of your public address books.  For example you may have separate address books for people who want to receive just promotions or just new product updates. Now using the preference management capabilities within our extension, when a customer logs into their account they can view all the address books they currently belong to and decide to opt in or out as they see fit.

Along with public address books, a user can also view and manage any public data fields you may have such as DOB or favourite brand, all putting the control of the types of communication your customers receive in their hands.

Quote data sync

Synchronizing the quote data held by Magento with dotmailer increases the relevancy of the communications sent to your customers. This update means you can easily segment consumers who for example, have a shopping cart amounting to a certain order value.


If you’re a retailer and aren’t already using Feefo’s review functionality, you should be. As a trusted supplier of ratings and reviews, Feefo provides seamless integration to consumer feedback, allowing retailers to not only understand consumer demand and behavior but also to feature genuine product recommendations.



Our latest integration with Feefo allows you to real-time product and company reviews in your email marketing. Firstly this ensures that every email you send includes your current overall Feefo rating, removing the need to update and modify email templates manually. The image as default will look like this but you can apply your own template if you wish.

Feefo 2

Another use for the integration is to feature reviews on products that were included in an abandoned cart. Along with your email reminding the consumer of the purchase they didn’t complete, you will soon be able to feature positive reviews from customers who have previously bought the product/s. A recommendation could prove to be the difference between a consumer and a customer.

To see the new features in action, get in touch and book a demo.

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