Keeping in touch, at Christmas


At Comapi, we like to practice what we preach. Which is why if you feel like wishing us a Merry Christmas back (we’re a friendly bunch after all, and would love to hear from you), we have a few options for you. These are all the ways you can get in touch with us. They’re also all the ways your customers could be contacting you too!

Send us text!

With a 98% read rate, every business should be taking advantage of SMS. And with the use of a CPaaS system, you can make sure all of your inbounds or replies to your 2-way text messages, arrive in one centralised place. That way, your agents can effectively manage, respond, engage and convert your customers.

Use Facebook Messenger

1.3 billion people are already using Facebook Messenger and there’s no telling how many people want to send your business messages using it. The sky is also the limit when it comes to your creativity with what sort of alerts, reminders and notifications messages you can send on this fun and exciting, rich channel.

Direct message us on Twitter

Your customers are already on Twitter talking about your business. Wouldn’t you rather they be talking to you? Our newest channel addition enables businesses to take control of their social media reputation and be known for exceptional experiences that brand your company as an industry leader.

Use our web chat

Live chat is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal, offering up answers to customers on your website or app, fast. This improves both the likelihood of conversion, and also the average transaction value.

Or pop us an email

Still sending from a no-reply address? Take advantage of two-way messaging. Turn every messaging experience you have with your customers into an interactive experience. Whether it’s a marketing campaign, or a transactional message about their order.

Ever wondered how Santa keeps on top of his inbound messaging? Probably with a messaging provider that lets his team (of elves) access everything all from one place. No matter the channel the messages are coming in from. 

Omnichannel is king

With the magic combination of delighting your customers with a choice of channels, and improving efficiency for your business, an omnichannel communication platform will give you the gift of both cost-savings and revenue generation. Book a demo to learn more today.

The core Comapi team will be out of the office after Friday 21st December. But we’ll be back to discuss your messaging needs on Wednesday 2nd January with business as usual. Technical support for your existing campaigns will continue uninterrupted over the Christmas period.

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