June round-up: top marketing learning resources

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We’ve gathered all the best learning resources from this month all in once place. From cheatsheets and guides to webinars, find which topic addresses your challenge and download or register below.

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Email essentials: how to grow your mailing list

Clean, robust mailing lists are the basis of every great marketing strategy. You can’t grow as a revenue-generating business without good quality data. And while email marketing is the best conversion tactic, lists can decay around 20% per year. That puts pressure on acquiring new data to keep the growth momentum. Email’s effectiveness relies heavily on maintaining your list growth strategy, its hygiene and organization. Our cheatsheet, part of the Email Essentials series, is full of tips on how to grow your lists faster while not compromising on quality. See some real-life examples of how brands have achieved this, too.

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How to transition from High Street to high clicks

In 2020, has shopping changed for good? Maybe. While the high street suffers and online surges, shoppers are adapting to this rapid new change. The question on every marketer’s mind is: how to I drive new customers to my site and keep them there? Earning customer loyalty is what it takes. Our webinar looks at the strategy behind a winning online retail offering; we deep-dive into best practice tactics proven to deliver real results. From acquisition right the way through to aftersales and re-purchase, we have you covered.

Email Essentials: how to collect customer data

For your email marketing to thrive you have to make sure your messages are relevant and prompt customer action. Knowing who your customers are is essential. You need to collect data at every stage of the journey and make smart use of it. But with data privacy more important than ever, it’s critical that brands collect the right data sensibly, using tried-and-tested tactics that work. In this cheatsheet, part of our Email Essentials series, you’ll discover what data you should be collecting and the tools to help you.

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dotdigital presents: Getting to know Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA), an essential marketing performance tool, shouldn’t be daunting to use with your omnichannel marketing automation platform. One of our top trainers, David Pyle, shows you just how easy it is to integrate with dotdigital – plus all the amazing things you can track. Find out how easy it is to measure the impact of your emails on web traffic and engagement in GA.

How to drive customers to repeat their purchase

You spend the majority of your time driving traffic to your site, focusing on those all-important conversion tactics, only to lose customers after the first order. It’s the classic marketing conundrum. Extending your strategy to encompass the entire customer journey will help your marketing team maximize repeat purchases and overall retention. Our guide reveals six effective ways to boost your repeat purchase rate.

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In common: Steering a greener future

Can you think of three things you’ve done this week to help the environment? If you’re struggling to, don’t worry. We’re all agents of change, but the truth is it can take time and resources to make a real difference. Tune in to our webinar on how to adopt a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. Our expert panel discusses everything from small changes to your daily life to wider community-based efforts. You won’t want to miss it!

dotlive: The ABCs of split testing

If you missed our dotlive on this marketing fundamental, you can watch it below. Gavin Laugenie, Head of Strategy & Insight at dotdigital, takes us through his ABCs of split testing. Learn about the various forms of split testing, the effect testing can have on your business, and how to get started.

How to personalize your marketing

Customers only care about brands that care about them. With customer loyalty becoming an ever-important aspect of marketing strategy, personalization holds the key to unlocking its full potential. Adopting personalization techniques in your marketing allows you to talk to customers on a level playing field, identifying who they are, plus their tastes and preferences. This opens up a whole host of conversion opportunities, and makes the customer experience unforgettable. In this guide, we’ll not only define personalization, but offer an action plan of how to create personalized experiences: from dynamic content and segmentation to one-to-one channels.

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Survive and thrive in 2020 and beyond

Every business has had to adapt to the global pandemic in one way or another. This webinar, with partners Klevu, Elogic, and Adobe, unlocks the business challenges that have occurred. Understand how they’ve tackled the ‘new normal’. As well as examples of what merchants are doing, this webinar will give you tips on how to grow your digital footprint moving forward.

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