It’s time to get personal. Really personal.

The need for relevant content has never been greater

Take a generic opening. Add a generic offer. Then fill with generic content. This, unfortunately, is the formula for millions of emails sent out each week.

63% of the respondents in a recent survey we conducted with the UK Direct Marketing Association (DMA), published on 24 November 2015[i], said: “Most of the marketing emails I receive include NO content or offers that are of interest to me.”

What’s more alarming, is this that 33% of people said they receive more than 40 marketing emails in their inbox a week.

The revelations in this report show just how important it is to get email content right, particularly if brands want to maintain trust and keep their subscribers engaged.

So the big question: where do you start?

You might have a healthy-looking database, but splitting your subscriber list in two and mailing out two marginally different emails just isn’t going to cut it. You need to work out:

  • Who your different audiences are
  • What are they interested in and what aren’t they interested in
  • When they’re most likely to engage with you
  • What you need to do to keep them engaged – again and again

Then use it to:

  • Segment your data lists
  • Create relevant content that’s customized and personalized
  • Target your subscribers with pin-point accuracy

How do you get really personal?

Geographical, social, transactional or behavioral – all of these different kinds of insight can help you get to know and target your subscribers like never before.

Take these brands recently featured in a Forrester report, ‘The Time is Right for Email Innovation’, published in the US:

  • Daily deal retailer HauteLook used a reactivation program, developed off multichannel customer profiles from Datalogix, to generate 14 times more revenue per member compared with its standard email programs
  • True Religion Brand Jeans boosted click-throughs by optimizing message format to suit the device used to open the message
  • And Redfin adjusts offers and content based on customer context, like the weather at time of open

But how do you do it? Start with…

  • Preference centers – build surveys and forms asking your subscribers what content they’d like to receive and when
  • Browse history – get a better understanding of how different people interact and engage with your website
  • Purchase history – if you’re a retailer, know what your customers have bought before
  • Context – by staying up to date with what’s happening to your different audiences in their locality, you can catch them with timely, relevant content

Then, put this data to work fast to create compelling, targeted and highly relevant communications that talk to your customers on a truly personal 1-to-1 level. Pull in unique content for every single person in your database, and achieve all-important stand-out in a competitive arena.

And after that? Build killer targeted landing pages that turn potential customers into real customers.

How can dotdigital help you achieve it?

Our straightforward, easy-to-use tools offer increased precision to segment your customers.


dotmailer’s WebInsight feature lets you track your customers’ and prospects’ engagement and behavior with your website, through a single click from an email campaign or other online marketing activities. You can then use this data to send them automated messages.


Engagement Scorer

With dotmailer’s Engagement Scorer, you can segment and prioritize your hottest customers. This feature knows who and how often readers have engaged with your emails, landing pages and surveys. Then, based on all these factors, lets you rate them on their value to your business.


Order insight empowers you to quickly and easily data-mine your base to identify the best customers by frequency of purchase, value, and product category – and sell more to them.

What’s more, you can make either simple or complex targeting quick and easy with our drag-and-drop segment builder.

Need a landing page – and fast?

Our EasyEditor functionality makes it simple to design superb on-brand campaign landing pages in minutes, all mobile responsive and fully personalized. You can ensure landing pages are consistent with your other communications, and send targeted messages based on your contact’s behavior with your landing page.

Find out how the dotmailer platform can help you get more personal with your subscribers by signing up for a free trial or booking a demo.

[i] Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Email Tracking Report, November 2015:

Sample (n): 1,118, Nationally representative of the UK population (18+) Fieldwork:  14 – 22 October 2015).

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