It’s Reigning Tweets! How ‘Digital’ Is Her Majesty The Queen?

“Every Day I’m Shufflin'”

After 60 years on the throne, Her Majesty The Queen has surely become a most gracious and excellent change management expert.

The expectations on her are rather immense. One of those being the way the monarchy is expected to communicate in the digital age. Failure has brought down stubborn Arab dictators and success could be the buoy that keeps them afloat.

So I wanted to break it down:

How well has Her Majesty handled the digital revolution?

Exhibit #1: Social Media


Rumoured to have recently invested heavily in Facebook shares*, Her Majesty is well-known to be actively using a Facebook account under the pseudonym ‘Shaniqua Brown’ but this cannot be proven.

So I’ll measure against what is public knowledge. The Queen has 540,000 ‘Likes’ on her official Facebook account. Comparing to the Queen of the internet Justin Bieber, who has approaching 44m – that’s a mere 1%. Blast!


@TheBritishMonarchy, which is Her Majesty’s official twitter account, has 328,000 followers. Success! Better still, her time line consists of plenty of valuable, relevant media, is well written and conversational – the Queen RTs!

“Someone get one a boiled egg and soldiers. (Not real soldiers).” – @Queen_UK

In addition, the parody account @Queen_UK  has 703,000 followers – but because I suspect this is really run by her majesty in some kind of reverse-psychology branding game, and because the tweets are just so probably what she would tweet anyway,  I’m awarding those to HRH too.

So in total, ~1,031,000 twitter followers. A majestic show on YouTube too, with a beautifully branded channel page and 37m views.

– Sadly, I have since learned that The Queen is not actually tweeting herself, which is disappointing, as winning with social media is all about trust – and having ‘the help’ tweet on your behalf is frankly, lazy. Maybe that’s why The Biebs has a twitter following of  close to 23m – he Tweets PERSONALLY.

Verdict: Frightful show. I’m not angry I’m disappointed. 1/3. Heads should roll.

“My face is in your pocket. Your argument is invalid”

Exhibit #2: Content Marketing and

With those pesky paparazzo following her around, those spicy outfits and glittering heirlooms, Her Majesty has plenty of media assets to be shared. And as you may have heard, Content is King. As we have seen, she does so well via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. But Pinterest beseeches.

On the website is a great range of content types – extensive image and video gallery, digitalised Queen Victoria’s letters, and virtual rooms. Sadly, no personal blog (WHY?!), but the pages are well written and laid out. It’s good quality writing in plain English, well distributed and of course, all relevant.

Google Analytics is installed and the site renders well on iOS.

Furthermore, social media links feature on the throne of a website – the top right hand side.

Yes, the style is dated but give her a break – I get the feeling it’s quite a busy role being Head of State. Plus, it’s a complex audience who’re actually probably mostly quite comfortable with the feel of the site.

“ Oh, that old thing?!”

Perhaps the datedness is a strategic move to avoid bringing attention to any taxpayer-investment in digital (or suppose she just hasn’t thrown a fortune at the site, I don’t know).

Verdict: A jolly good show, all things considered. 3/3.

Exhibit #3: Search Marketing

Clearly The Queen knows how to outreach – her search presence on Google is bang tidy. Although there is no H1 or H2 tag, a sitemap is present, she is still ranking a respectable #2 for ‘The Queen’ (just behind Wikipedia which is basically #1 anyway) and 5th for ‘Elizabeth Windsor’.

SEOMoz shows a Domain Authority of 90, thanks to a healthy and natural back link profile and – cripes – 53 Google+1’s! Well. I don’t know about you but I jolly well wouldn’t say no to a PageRank 7 and MozRank 6.15 link.

Verdict: Spiffing. 3/3. I would suggest Her Majesty has been indulging in a little Googling of oneself.

Exhibit #4: Email Marketing

I spoke to Buckingham Palace about this today, but sadly they do not do any email marketing. This is a massive missed opportunity to drive traffic, capture more data, and promote related transactional sites, so I’d like to offer Her Majesty a free dotMailer account licence. (Website Team, hit me up, and I’ll get it sorted).

Verdict: null points/3.

So how digital is The Queen?

Surprisingly, the Queen is rather digital. 7/12. That’s 60% digital. Absolutely top hole. I’m sure there are other elements I haven’t had time to consider but I am off for a smoked salmon and cucumber sandwich followed by a Gooseberry Eton Mess. Or something.

How can one ‘get involved’?

In the meantime, we’d love you to tweet @dotMailer over the weekend any pictures of you celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this weekend – especially in a ‘digital’ way. We’ll add them to our Facebook profile too. Don’t forget to use the Diamond Jubilee hashtag #diamondjubilee. Good Day!

Hit me up, bro

I’m social via @1uella. And also on Google + here.

*not really

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