It’s Not Just A Survey You Can Make With A Survey Tool

An online survey tool, great, but I don’t need to do a survey at the moment… That is what you might say. But there are many uses for an online survey tool. You can use them in your home, your social life (in groups and societies, on your social media) as well as at work – they can be fun too! You can even use them to settle a score or make a point. For some great other uses for online survey read on, it might just blow your mind.

So since dotSurvey launched it’s been a joke in the office to survey everything; happily tapping away at my keyboard the other day a colleague said, ‘who’s turn is it to make the tea’. Well no one would take on the task. What can you do? Get the survey tool out! Now, I’m sure everyone has had this little problem at work?

Survey ideas

At home

You can use online surveys for your home too – create surveys to work out your cleaning rota, help write your shopping list – you can even use an online survey to decide who takes the dog for a walk.

For fun

You could create a quiz about you! All you’d need to do is create a short quiz asking your friends questions about such as ‘what is my favourite colour.’ Post it to your social networking site and wait to see who really knows you. Or, you could add open questions asking your friends what they really think about you. Go on! You never know what you could find out – it could be dangerous. Or great!

Here’s another one – use online surveys to help create the agenda for group and society meetings. Great thing here is you’ll always have it on record!

And back to the office:

Ok, so it can’t all be about fun. Boo! Here are some other serious, work related applications for online surveys:

Contact forms

That’s right – you can take elements of online surveys and use them for other purposes. Use the fields to create a contact form for your website.

Email preference centres

Another great alternative use for online surveys is to create email preference centres. With this feature you can add onto a survey, or form, options for your customer to pick and choose between different communications – email newsletters, offers, partner information etc. This information goes straight to your address book so you can segment your campaigns. This is essential if you have multiple email communications. Well, you don’t want to annoy your customers with emails they haven’t subscribed to – ensuring happier more responsive customers.

Cleansing your database

January’s the perfect time to give the old database a good clean out. By setting up a contact/details survey and link the respondent data field back to your email software. Then send out an email asking your contacts to update their details – your survey will overwriting any previous information held. What could be simpler?

Last minute Christmas party

Here’s another one: it’s your turn to book the last minute Christmas party for the office, you need to know who’s in and who’s out, set up a survey for RSVPs. Then you’ve got the joy of working out where to go, you’ve had a couple of ideas but you can’t decide what would be best. Survey it! See what the most popular idea is. That’s just made the whole job simple. Then set up some triggers for those who can and can’t make it… personalised responses to everyone without lifting a finger.

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