Is email going to get a 3D makeover?

On October 26 Microsoft released its new update for Windows 10, named the Creators update. It promises to be jam-packed full of features that promise a new world of computing (and a less two-dimensional one).

What excited me the most was not the new beautiful Microsoft Surface Studio, nor the ability to easily live stream your gaming; it was the update to one of its oldest family members: Microsoft Paint. Would you believe over 100 million people still use this wonderful tool every month on their Windows machines? This timeless classic still is the de-facto standard to do the most basic of image functions, like cropping, editing photos and for many it was the start of Microsoft’s computer-aided graphic design journey. This powerful little tool, in the right hands, can even go as far as creating architectural drawings for house extensions (you may say yeah right), but I experienced this recently where my father-in-law used MS Paint to design my recent house extension!

So some may ask why is the new release so exciting? Are you mad? Maybe… but let’s take a look. 

For the first time in MS Paint, you’ll be able to create 3D objects and mash together a 2D and 3D world. The launch presentation showed us how you’ll be able to use your smartphone to scan a sand castle in 3D, then manipulate the scan in Paint alongside 2D photos and 3D objects downloaded from the web. You’ll publish your creation directly to Facebook, allowing your friends and family to interact with what you have created in all three dimensions.

Taking it a step further, they even showed how these objects will eventually be able to be embedded into your websites and with Microsoft HoloLens use augmented reality to place these objects into the room with you. They showed a fantastic use case of a furniture supplier’s website and being able to drop the 3D object into the room with you to make sure it fits with your feng shui, before you buy!

MS Paint

Now for the exciting part… what does this mean for marketers, what does that mean for their most trusted of channels: email? Have we seen a glimpse of what has to come? I think we have, yes. Our creative team of innovators at dotmailer are continually pushing the boundaries when it comes to email design and enabling marketers to create fantastic looking emails easily.

Imagine if we could deliver a new type of email, a three-dimensional email that, when delivered, enables you to drop the 3D models of your products directly into your customers’ living rooms for them to preview before they buy! Imagine how much that could save on returns or sending samples and what a great experience for your customers.

Imagine your event emails that are no longer flat; emails that, in virtual reality using a Microsoft HoloLens, could be something people truly interact with by picking it up, opening it, looking inside a virtual box, only to find an invitation to the opening of your new store. Albeit not announced, I would love to see Microsoft help pave the way to our most-loved marketing channel and make sure that the email experience has a similar makeover in their new 3D vision. A good one to keep an eye on and I know something our team here will be pushing within the email community.


The full release video of the Microsoft Windows 10 Creators update can be found here.

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