Picture This…You Can Now Insert Images In DotSurvey

We know it’s what you’ve all been waiting for, and as if by magic *tad-dahhh* here it is…you can now upload pictures, logos and all things beautiful anywhere in your survey.

Like everything in dotSurvey, inserting images is super easy and flexible. Simply drag in an image field and drop it wherever you want; in the header, into the main question area, the choice is yours.

Then simply browse to your file and select like you would in any other word program, and hey-presto! Your image is inserted. You can upload .jpeg, .gif and .png files.

Now the clever bit – resizing

If you find your image is too big for your form or survey, no problem, just grab the corner and resize to fit. Do keep in mind your image can’t be made larger than the original and if you want to keep the whole file size of your survey to a minimum it’s best to use .jpeg so we can automatically resize the file for you, just because we’re nice like that.

You can also choose your alignment; left, right or centre, again like any word tool and add alt tags so your images can be read.

It’s more than just an image

Inserting images is awesome and will make your survey look super-stylish but don’t stop there, you can also add hyperlinks.

Of course you don’t just have to use images to make your survey look nice, you might want to get feedback on a design or find out which picture people prefer, there’s load of different ways you can use images.

We’d love to see and hear about all the great ways you’ve been using dotSurvey, get in touch via twitter @dotSurvey or join us on facebook

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