How To Work Out Which Promotions Will Hit The Spot

Did you know that 58% of people say that receiving discounts and special offers was their top reason for subscribing to emails from businesses? If this doesn’t prove the importance of getting your offers right I’m not quite sure what will.

So, how do you develop strong offers for emails and turn those recipients into relationships?

Infographic on building buyer personas for email marketing

Click to view this infographic full size and learn how to create buyer personas. Image courtesy of Search Mojo.

Start From The Top: Buyer Personas

Before we begin to think about the offer itself we need to really get to grips with who we’re sending our offers to.

If you haven’t done so already then I suggest you set about building up a buyer persona for your prospects.

Adelle Revella , in her eBook, The Buyer Persona Manifesto, describes a buyer persona as an archetype; ‘a composite sketch of the real people who buy or might buy products like the ones you market based on what you’ve learned about how real buyers make decisions to buy your category of solutions’.

Once you’ve built up a robust buyer persona you’ll have a stronger idea of the sort of content your recipients will actually want to receive. Now you can start to think about the topics, tones, layouts and offers you include in your email marketing efforts.

What Makes The Offer Relevant?

So, what makes an offer valuable? Our, old friend relevance. If it speaks to the specific needs and interests of the person receiving it, it’s going to do better.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Rather than sending the same email to each and every one of your subscribers, consider segmenting your database so that you can better match offers to relevant parties.

Ultimately, the success of your proposition will depend on how matched it is to your specific customer’s needs. So this is a research exercise. Really sit and look at your pipeline. Where do people drop out, and how can you plug those gaps with offers to keep pushing them along?

One way of doing this is might be to consider making offers based on your prospects current stage within your sales process.

If you’re communicating to those who are yet to convert to paying customers, then why not provide them with information designed to spur conversion? This could take the form of content that indirectly communicates what solutions your product or service provides.

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For example, if you’re a health and safety training provider, you could author a whitepaper or eBook that talks about the potential legal implications for a business that doesn’t have the correct health and safety certificates or enough first aid trained members of staff.

If you pack your whitepaper full of useful information and stats and share it with those who have expressed an interest in what you do but not purchased anything yet it might just be enough to convince them that now’s the time to buy.

Alternatively, if you’re communicating with an existing customer who hasn’t spent with you in a while, why not offer them a free trial or discount of your latest product or service? You already know that they have an interest and a need for what it is you offer so pull out all the stops to tempt them back.

There are many ways that you can heighten the relevancy of your campaign especially by sending different content based on based what you have found out about the buyers persona.  This may sound technical but the dotMailer platform along with advice from a dotMailer consultant like myself, makes many of these concepts very easy to implement.

Read more on using data to create hyper-personalised campaigns in our free guide ‘Data-Driven Email Marketing For Online Retailers

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