How to Test and Observe Your Marketing Automation Program (from a laid-back position)

Earlier this week, we talked about one of our feature updates that allows marketers to build some really cool RFM segmentations. Now Stoo (our musically gifted Product Manager) is back with another equally awesome features write-up – for one that allows you to get a real, visual handle on your users’ experience moving through your marketing automation program.

After setting up an automated marketing program most marketers would be anxiously waiting to see if it actually works, how their users interact and move through it. Recently, we rolled out a couple of really cool updates to the dotMailer platform that allow our clients to assess the effectiveness of their automation programs, on the fly, allowing them to test and optimise in a much more responsive way than before.

Live Program Statistics

In any program built using our marketing automation tool can see live stats of how many contacts have gone through each of your various program routes. Each program ‘node’ (or ‘decision block’) now shows both the number of contacts currently waiting at that point, and the number of contacts who have every been through it. Looking at how your contacts flow through the program, and how many get to each point, will help you to: Prioritise which of your email campaigns are sent most frequently, so need the most attention Test and Identify which program routes are not seeing any traffic, and whether you need to adjust your calls to action to drive more contacts down that route You can drill further into these stats to see more exact numbers by clicking through on each program node. This allows you to see exactly which contacts got to each program step.

prog with contacts

A working example of Live Program Stats (click to enlarge)

prog stats drill down

Drilling down into node statistics…

prog stats contact list

…and even deeper! You can see exactly who is at what part of your automated marketing journey

If you’re extra keen, you might notice that these stats update automatically when you leave the program open in your browser.

Contact Level Reporting

You may have noticed in the program  above that I’d labelled the end nodes; so rather than the ‘out of the box’ text of ‘Exit program’, I’ve used the text to describe what happened to the contact to lead them to that point. “What’s the point of that?” you may ask; well, you head over the contact activity report for any contact that has been in your program, you’ll notice that along with details of every email the contact has ever been sent you can now also see what programs a contact is in, or has been in, and what the outcome of that program was.

program activity report

More marketing automation tools to come!…

The dotMailer Product Roadmap rolls on. We’ve got more new features rolling out every couple of weeks. All eyes on us! Have you built a program with the dotMailer program builder? Share it with us below or via Twitter.

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