How To Spot The SEO Value Of A Blog Link

Not all backlinks are equal.blogsmall

One popular approach to gaining presence and search engine optimization backlinks for websites is through prolific blogging.

Marketer’s are currently keen to invest time in commenting and posting on any number of blogs related to their own site content, and including a link back to their site.

It’s pretty straightforward to become a member of a blog and then be able to comment and post your opinions and web link (subject invariably to moderation).

No juice

What you might not realise is that blog moderators can choose to automatically strip out thesearch engine optimization value of any link placed on their blog.

Not all blog sites will do this, but many will. It’s a fair cop – spam abuse on blogs is common and moderators need to be able to protect their blog sites.

In these cases, by default the blog site will automatically add an attribute to any link telling the search engines “index the link as part of my content, but don’t follow it and don’t give the receiving site any points for it”.

To be more technical, the actual line of code which prohibits search engines from attributing points to you link looks like the following:


this code will be embedded within the link code:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>discount drugs</a>

I’d recommend checking the source code of a blog page for ‘no follow’ tags (just right mouse click the content to select the source and hit Control F to search), so you’re sure of the SEO value you are getting for your blogging efforts.

Of course, being a prolific blogger can bring many benefits in terms of your social media strategy and as a traffic driving tactic. Just be aware that it may not be driving the link juice and contributing to your SEO agency strategy quite as much as you hoped.

Check, and be sure you are investing your time wisely.

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