How to share the love with your Valentine’s marketing

Is there more panic than love in the air when it comes to planning your Valentine’s Day marketing?

In this blog post, we’re playing Cupid to help you shoot your marketing arrow with pin-point accuracy. And because we’re feeling particularly lovey-dovey at the moment, we’ve also included some free downloadable guides to get you started.

After all, if dating sites can get the algorithm right then so can you.

Make it personal

Valentine’s Day is all about showing that one person how much they mean to you. And your marketing communications should be given the same level of TLC, too.

Is your customer male or female? Are they single or in a relationship? What’s their sexuality? Where are they based? Then using the data in your CRM software, how much have they spent with you in the past on average? Have they engaged with you in the last two weeks and if so, what have they looked at? These are all clues to help you target your customers with relevant, personalized content. Social data, coupled with the information in your CRM software, is the perfect enabler here.

Take a look at the whitepaper ‘Meeting the modern customer’s expectations‘.

Make it mobile

With more and more people turning to dating apps to look for love, it’s no surprise that more consumers are also shopping on their mobiles than ever before. If you’re sending emails, there are some golden rules to stick to if you want to sweep your customers off their feet:

  • Unlike on Tinder, you don’t want your subscriber to swipe right (or even left); you want them to tap and read. That’s why a killer subject line is essential and if you’ve gone to the trouble of personalizing your emails, here’s the place to let them know.
  • Make sure you’re using a mobile-responsive template so it can be easily viewed on any device.
  • A clear, tappable CTA lets your customer know what you want them to do next. If you don’t then your email’s likely to get dumped.

Make your mobile email designs simpler with a look at our cheatsheet ‘Keep it super simple’, which teaches you the 5 life-changing steps to designing awesome emails for mobile.

Make the perfect landing

A bad email landing page is a bit like a bad online date: the email (profile) says one thing and the click-through (meet-up) presents something totally different. And rather than a swift drink and a “sorry, I’ve got to leave already”, a bad landing page will probably make your customers leg it instantly.

The chances of converting will be reduced or destroyed if a click is delivered to a destination that is inconsistent with your email, fails to meet the user’s expectation/your promise, or is unclear as to what they should do and why they should do it. So put as much effort into your landing page as you do into your email.

Download our ‘Getting the most from your landing pages’ guide to help you improve your customer journeys.


The dotmailer marketing team.

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