How To Market Effectively To ‘The Millenials’

MillennialsMillennials, ‘Gen Y’ or ‘Generation Y’ are all terms used to describe those born between 1981 and 2000.

These Millennials embrace all things digital. In fact, a global study by Viacom titled “The Next Normal: An Unprecedented Look at Millennials Worldwide” revealed that Millennials are big fans of technology mainly because the Internet and particularly social media ‘lets them be themselves’.

Millennials are becoming increasingly important to marketers as they’re now of an age where they are taking charge of their own purchasing decisions. Many of them are now either entering, or are already well integrated in today’s work force and are considered among the savviest of consumers.

Although this generation enjoy a wide array of technology and internet based communication channels, Epsilon’s Global Consumer Email Study revealed that millennials are still rather receptive to frequent email marketing messages.

Their research found that millennials are considerably more open to receiving content more than once a day/daily than those in other age brackets.

So, how can you best communicate with this savvy generation by email? Here’s 3 tips we’ve picked up:

  • Avoid huge blocks of text. Online, Millennials prefer images and one-liners over text heavy creative. When designing your emails, remember to keep any marketing message minimal. If you can say it in 10 words, don’t use 20!
  • Millennials like brands who give them an opportunity to speak back to them. 2-way dialogue is very important among these consumers; consider encouraging discussions through forums, debates, shared experiences or product ratings.
  • Have fun with your email marketing campaigns. Tyana Daley on the ‘How Cool Brands Stay Hot’ blog says that ‘posting games, contests, videos, jokes and the random, strategically placed cute kitten pic’ is a great way to attract and retain customers online – ‘as long as you remain recognizable primarily for your business offerings’.

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