How To Make The Most Of Triggered Emails In dotdigital

Our regular readers will be familiar with some of the posts we’ve done over the last few weeks looking more closely at dotdigital features. From the recent WordPress signup connector post to the one on geomap segmentation, they’re all designed to help you get the most out of your dotdigital account and email marketing strategy.

Today we’re looking at custom event triggers and the amazing things you can do with your data when delivering campaigns.

So get ready to put your finger on the trigger and ask yourself the question: “do you feel lucky…marketer?”

Breaking triggers down

There are several types of triggers you can use in dotdigital:

1. Basic triggers

By default, every dotdigital account comes with a few basic but handy triggers set up already. The most obvious of these is the auto-response, which thanks people for signing up to your newsletter. Trusty and tested, never leave home without it.

2. Event-based triggers

This second example lets you choose specific user actions for the trigger to react to. Generally, this means opens or click-throughs and the scope here is huge.

For example, if someone clicks through and goes to a retailers website, a trigger can be set to send an email suggesting other similar products the user may like.

3. Trigger by date

Triggers based on date can enable some impressive customer service possibilities. For example, if you know a user is going on holiday, you could set custom emails for those dates reminding them to bring essentials or giving other helpful advice.

Altogether, now…

“What if we could use all these triggers at once,” I hear you ask, “we’d be Kings in the email marketing world!”

Remember, it pays to be clever with your strategy; too many triggers going off too frequently and sending automated emails may make the recipient feel like they’re being bombarded. To avoid this, you can set up your triggers to run through a segmentation query that makes use of the ‘last mailed’ date.

Also worthy of note is that you can set triggers up in a series so you can have programme of emails that are automatically sent out based on both time and engagement. We use this ourselves as part of our welcome program when you first sign up for a trial account.

Triggering the future

There’s a lot of potential for campaigns when using triggered emails and we want to help you realise what you can do with yours.

We run bespoke workshops where, no matter how big or small your company, we’ll talk you through your campaign and all that you can do with it in terms of triggered emails (and more).

As always, we like to better ourselves on a constant basis here at dotdigital and one way we do that is with your help. We look to improve features, helping make life easier for you so, if you’ve got any suggestions for other changes we can make, drop us a note in our support forum.

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