How to make friends and influence people

Every time you send out your e-newsletter, there is an opportunity for you to expand your subscriber base.

Many successful e-marketers have done just this, building up their permission database with fresh, interested prospects every time they send.

So how have they done this?

The techniques are simple yet effective, and the more compelling the content of your newsletters and e-marketing messages, the more effective these techniques become.

Step 1 – Tackle the Phantom of the Unsubscribe Link

We’ve all heard stories of email spammers setting up their unsubscribe links so that when a recipient clicks the link, rather than unsubscribing they are in fact submitting their verified email for more spamming!

No wonder then, that there remains some inherent distrust in unsubscribe links.

And if your recipient wants to unsubscribe but doesn’t trust your unsubscribe link, they are just as likely to click the ‘Junk’ button in their inbox, believing this will unsubscribe them safely (19% of recipients will click the ‘Junk’ button to unsubscribe).

Being reported as ‘junk’ is something you need to do all you can to avoid, because it can lead to your email campaigns being blacklisted.

So whats the solution to this problem? Move on to Step 2…

Step 2 – Win their trust

The trick is to influence your recipient’s perception of how legitimate you are as an organisation.

To do this, you must provide your recipients with an ‘unsubscribe’ link that is credible and that they can trust.

As a dotMailer user you can customise your unsubscribe page so the recipient can clearly see that the it relates to you as the sender – not some faceless link that could be going anywhere.

You can brand the unsubscribe page with your own logo and branding, giving it weight and credibility.

Use this technique and you’ll help to protect your credibility as a sender and maintain your deliverability rates. To find out more click here.

You gotta have friends

The next step is to build your database, by prompting your recipients to forward your newsletter or campaign to a friend or colleague.

Viral marketing like this has swept the internet over the last few years, with major high street brands using this method to circulate special offers and promotions across the country – at no extra marketing cost to themselves.

dotMailer makes adding this ‘forward to a friend’ prompt easy and effective.

Just pick the link from your Actions drop down in the Campaign Edit screen.

To make this form of viral marketing even more effective, you can customise your dotMailer ‘forward to a friend’ window so it carries your own logo, branding and graphics. To find out more click here.

Lastly, make sure you have a ‘sign-up’ link on your newsletter page so ‘friends of friends’ can complete a form and be added to your permission database.

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